Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wilson as always likes to call me last minute! He just called me the day before to ask me to make this card and....he just called me like just now saying that he'll be going to redbox on monday! which is a bummer because i have school!!!

And Wilson was like," eh, you ponteng school can a not? I write letter for you saying u have a singing competition at....."

I finished his sentence," ...redbox la! And you wanna be my dad is it? "

In the end, when i'm in class alertly listening to the teacher on Monday, OF and Wilson will be singing their lungs out....swinging the mics and breaking every glass cup...haha, no offence Wilz, I'm just wanna be there doing the stupid things i mentioned just now!!!!

Fine.... Back to topic....
I just wanted to show you a card a made for pastor.

I was kinda afraid to bring it out actually...Because sam would usually guide me in art stuff same as i would do for him. But he just decided to keep his mouth shut, cos' he had to study. So that leaves me all alone to be criticized...

Well, phew! the gals thought it was sweet COS it was pink and polka-ish......

BUT!!!! YT had to say,
" Why you draw Pastor so young wan? "
" What's wrong with drawing her young? "
( helllo, *knock,knock* ladies don't like to look old! especially on their b'day cards!)
" No la, but it doesnt look like her ma... "
That just blew it!
" To you, everything must be accurate, precise and exact la!! "

Mookie and Benice were laughing their heads off, but that precise-exact-accurate-guy just-so-happened to be not listening to me...Come to think of it, its better least i'm still tot of as a demure gal.^^
Then only...." huh? what did connie say? "
Mookie- " owh, she said something which was very sarcastic for her level."
(which is so so so true! I seldom do that)
" Really? I wanna hear. "
" Don't need to know, I wouldn't wanna repeat."

gosh, i'm going way off my topic...

Oh ya, the pinkie powder for the cheeks are actually real blushers! I know, Mookie gave that look too! My mum didn't want them so she gave them to me. I didn't steal or wat la! It looks fine actually, darker colour than chalk and more moisturised making it easier to stick on paper.

This is Connie's Art Trick for the Week!!

And i soo have to put this up in the post!

Its Print Day!

Gals in Print!! haha...we deliberately had to put our handphones to self-timer mode to take this photo!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

gosh....i feel like dying now!!!

Annual report is really draining me...

I slept at 1 on Sunday Night

Slept at 12.45 on Monday Night

Only got to sleep early last night which was 12 a.m....

And now its 1.30 a.m. Thursday Morning and i'm still in front of the pc.

Trying to rush everything before AGM...


I'll be captured into taiping zoo soon...

Don't forget to visit me, buy me bamboos and lots of EYE CREAM!!!!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

wan ching commented that a lot of people have the name connie nowadays

.....which is kinda true

I just found out that there's an anutie connie in church.

Well, which is creepy.

To imagine myself in the future,

.....having little kids scream, " AUNTIE CONNIE!!! can you please come?"


ok, back to the i did a search on my name recently...

i typed 'connie' in yahoo search

and this is what i got...

connie nielsen
connie talbot
connie chung
connie britton
connie francis
connie stevens
connie booth

wow!!! And they don't even have my name up in the search engine.

but at least I have something in common with one of the connie's la.

Connie Talbot!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! She's super adorable i'm cute

and has such a sweet sweet voice~ opera style

and i sing opera style too!!!^^

It equals!!

If you guys've seen me sing in church,

you kinda know i sing auntie-ishly

*they say so, but i certainly do not agree!!!*...

yea, that's what my buddies say,

it gives them goosebumps too.

Especially when i sing oldies^^

never mind....

BTW, she won 2nd place in Britain's Got Talent and she was only six back then...

Come to think of it....I only knew how to do this pose when i was six which somehow explains why i'm not in some singing competition and not having my own album.

This is her FIRST album and has her debut song, " Over The Rainbow", which made the lady judge cry.... see it for yourself on youtube la. You won't be able to imagine it with my not-so-goood description.


Friday, September 19, 2008

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs.

B) Tag 8 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by.

C) Continue this game by sending it to other people.

01. What have you been doing recently?

Trying to finish my hw on time.

02. Do you ever turn your cell phone off?

yup. but only when i sleep. Its bad u know, it'll cause cancer.

03. What happened at 10.00am today?

It's not 10 yet when i'm doing this.

04. When did you last cry?

Sunday...Don't ask me why...

05. Believe in fate/destiny?

Yes yes i do. I believe God has a plan /destiny for every person no matter how iitsy bitty tiny you are. So newborn babies have their own destinies too.

06. What do you want in your life right now?

the freedom of not being restricted to a role of a student, but that doesn't mean i'm flunking school. I agree with the statement " Drop out of school not in neccessity."

07. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains, or just put up your hood?

it depends. whether do i have my pink / yellow umbrella. or i just hide under someone else's umbrella.

08. What's your favourite thing to have on your bed?

my blankie and my pillow. I just can't sleep without them. My pillow has the shape of my head imprinted on it so my head kinda fits perfectly. ^^

09. What bottom are you wearing now?

shorts. ( wouldn't wanna write pyjamas but its the morning! )

10. What's the nicest text in your inbox say?

I do appreciate but not always. I don't wanna be a stalker or something. ( personally think its nonsense) if you apppreciate then you wouldn't end up like a stalker.

11. Do you tend to make a relationship complicated?

er....don't think so. I always simplify it. ooooo, Maths!

12. Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?


13. What was the last movie you caught?

Money not enough 2 . It's so funny and teary. You guys should watch it. Don't forget to bring your mum and say I LOVE YOU when it ends.

14. What are you proud of?

my fair skin :) and my brainy bro.( He just annoys me cos he loves to read my textbooks and actually understands them!!! argh!! )

15. What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?excluding the forward messages.

" what! how come i dunno? I don't have the roster la. Who's in charge of giving it out?"

16. What was the last song you sang out loud?

Hallelujah ( your love is amazing ) Had to practise for ISCA this saturday.

17.Do you have any nicknames?

lemme see.....con-nienie(Zhao Min), coh-nyeh~(Myra), kownie the pony(Sharrol), coneydog(i forgot, the B'uh'nanas call me that), connie the cow( Hui Ping)

18. What does your last received text message say?

" You have one missed call from......''

19. What time did you go to bed last night?


20. Are you currently happy?

yup. guess so...i'm not frowning.

21. Who gives you best advice?

My mummie!!!

22. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?

No. Don't even eat that.

23. Who did you talk on phone last night?


24. Is anything bugging you right now?

Yes. Annual report!!!!

25. What/who was the last thing/person to make you laugh?

Markus. Told me about his joke. " A glass and coffee cup were crossing the road. Suddenly someone screamed, '' WATCH OUT FOR THE CAR!!'' Why did the glass get hit?"

Ans: Because the coffee cup had ears.

p/s: it was funny cos' it was lame :)

26. Do you wear toe socks?


27. Who was the last person you missed a call from?

Jennifer from Fedex.

28. Have you ever had your heart broken?

Not yet.

29. What annoys you most in a person?

Irresponsible people AND people who just don't appreciate stuff you've done so whole-heartedly!

30. Do you have a crush on anyone?


31. Have you ever done cocaine?

nope. Goodness!

32. What is the colour of your room?

Pale Pink

.33. Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollars?


34. Do you believe in the saying of :'talk is cheap?'yea, kinda...

35. Who was the last person to lie in your bed?

36. Who was the last person to hug you?


37. Did anyone see the last person you kissed?

I don't kiss, i get kissed.

38. Do you have a life?

Yes, obviously.

39. Have you ever think someone died, when they really didn't die?

No. I'm not that weird.

40. What is the reason behind your profile song?

Don't have one.

41. Who was the last person you saw in your dream?

Mr lantern songleading. I think I was at a conference. He was upstage leading.( with other iscalites!!!)

42. Last time you smiled?


43. Have you changed this year?

yea. Grown thinner. * i hear a ' as if ' * hey, compared to form three k...

44. What are you listening right now?

My fan spinning.

45. Are you talking to someone when you doing this?

nope. I concentrate.^^

46. Do you walk with your eyes open or closed?

open. Er,how do you do that with eyes closed?

47. Is there a quote you live by?

Thinking you can do everything is a pride. Learn to be humble and submit to God.

48. Do you want someone you cannot have?

Yea. A big brother. Unless i go back in time and have my bro born before me.

49. Have you ever played an instrument?

Yea, piano, flute, tried violin, and drums^^

50. What was the worst idea you've had in this week?

Offering to bring a t-shirt for huey nee but i keep forgetting and she keeps slapping me.

51. What were you doing last night at 11.00pm?


52. Are you happy with your love life right now?

It's plain now but i got tons of love from my family, from my B'uh'nanas and from ISCAlites.

53. What song best describe your love life?


54. Does the person know that you like him/her?


55. Who always make you laugh?

CY, Benice, Rachel Yeoh, Joshua Ooi, Gareth....

56. Do you speak other language other than English?

chinese,bm, a bit of teochiew.

57. favourite website(s)?

youtube. MACM.

58. What's your middle name?

connie, ke?

59. What are you doing tomorrow?

School. Bible course at masyarakat penyayang.

60.What do you think you are like?

Funny, gets nervous if i get comments on singing and giggly...i just laugh a lot!

61. Who will you choose to die with?

No one. I have God and the angels up there.

62. Where have you been today?

No where.

63. What game do you play often?

Captain ball, basketball...

64. Who are you missing right now?

My ah-ma.

65. If you have to choose between friend n loves, who will you choose?

i dunno. Can i have both?

66. What are you doing right now?

doing this quiz.

67. Which primary school are you from?

sjk(c) kong min pusat.

68. Name 3 colours that you like?

purple, turqoise and green.

69. What emotion you like to show?

^^ , looks like my face^^

70. What is your life to you?

A journey, a station before getting off to my destination.

71. If you have something troubling you, what will you do?

I'll just worry and fret. Like when your best buddy is mad at you. And you don't even know why.

72. Who did you last chat with in msn today?

no one yet.

73. Who do you admire most?

-- Too many to list.

74. Which month are you born in?


75. How are you feeling right now?

HALF relieved that i'm almost done.

76. What is the time now?

1.01 a.m

77. what kind of person do u think the one who tagged u is?

zm- funny, fair, blur,always sucked into books
cy- crazee, funny, crazee and crazee and has tons of hidden feelings which i fail to comprehend

78.What colour did you use to dye hair?

Dark Brown. that was last last year.

79. Why are you doing this test?

coz zm and cy tagged me and have been bugging me to do this.

80. What do you do when you're moody?

i just talk to my mum and make myself happy.

81. At which age you wish to get married?

wilson said 15 years from now, but that will make me 31 by then. I'll just stick to before 30.

82.Who is more important to you? boyfriend or friends?

if boyfriends last, then boyfriends. but they don't so i'll just stick to my best friends but if she has a boyfriend....i dunno. (referring to you, nee)

83. If today is the last day of your life, what will YOU DO?

I'll just visit everybody in my life and i'll just have a reunion, a really grand one!

84. Who is the person you trust the most?

My mummie, huey nee, benice, yvonne and cy.

85. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after a rain?

yup. They represent promises what.

86. If you have a dream come true, what would it be?

I can drive!!!!!!

87. What is your goal for this year?

Good results, at least better than last time, YE to win, carolling for ISCA! And to pass undang!!

88. Do you believe in eternity love?


89. What feeling do you love most?

being together with the b'uh'nanas and the ISCAlites for some bonding.

90. Do you really think its Global Warming now?

~DUH! Obviously!

91.What feeling you hate the most?

Worrying and fret.

92. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?

yes, every single one.Even if they don't turn out well.

93. Do you believe in God?

Absolutely. Can't get the of the BIG BANG theory. So i believe God created man. NOT APES!!

94. Who cares for you most?

my family, FRIENDS ( when they thought i went missing)

95. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

personal and spiritual goals.

96. What will you bring when you fight?

I don't fight. Peace, brother!

97. What have you done regretted doing in your whole life?

er....everything i tot i would regret just turn out fine.

98. What would you feel if no one no longer cares for you?

i tell you, i would be soooo depressed! Can't even bear eating by myself.

99. What if your boyfriend/girlfriend two-timed you?

I would scream at him, whack him and tear all the photos of him! haha!!


weeepeee! finally.....

I tag:
Rachel Yeoh
Ying Qi
hsieh zhen

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

okay, Bunny...

how did i know her?
i think it was because of YE. We sat together with Apple ( a.k.a. ying xiu ) for our first meeting not knowing what to do. And i still remember our conversation.
" what post do you wanna take? "
" I dunno, i wanna try marketing la. U leh? "
" Er, maybe MD. My bro also MD last time. "
My eyes were this BIG! * gulp!*
"MD? okay...I'll vote for you then. "

In the end, she was voted assistant MD but me... SECRETARY!! I wanted to faint that second!!

Secretary = High Class, Educated MAID + Headache

that's how everything started...

bunny is just plain sleepy all the time. Not joking, she just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Ask the other gals in my class, to them, bunny either sleeps in class or is never in class. Haha, another member to the "Busy People" group. She's involved in YE, pusat sumber and now graduation dinner! Woah! I don't know how she can cope with all of this stuff.

CY just makes everybody laugh. I personally think she has a really high IQ, cause she can just think of a statement straightaway and stun you. Her favourite phrase is " aiya, its nothing. " making me feel it's not a biggie even when it really is. Haha, that nakes her dangerous to be around too.

BTW, i'm Mrs. Bunny No. 1. Haha! The girls in YE came out with the list. Little did i know, that i
had a lot of fierce competition.

Mrs Bunnies:

No. 1 Me!!
No. 2 Zhao Min ( MD )
No. 3 Xiang Xiang
No. 4 Deidre ( Prod. Mng )
No. 5 Yuan Ming

See!!! What did I tell you about competition!!!

And Cy 's camera is just soooooo AGAINST me. It tends to capture embarassing moments of me!! If i appear in Cy's and Zm's blog, looking weird, its " D " camera!!! I always wanted to burn it in secret. But it's cy's another precious wife. I just don't/ JUST CAN'T murder THINGS!
Cy is utterly unbelievable too!!! Once i asked her to send over photos of our YE products, ( she was asked to take pictures of them, her dad opens a photo shop ) . Well she did, BUT she just had to do it....
She just had to take a picture of this....and send it over AT THE VERY END OF THE MAIL! goodness!!!

Caption: Photographer!! ( written by cy)


Ok, I'M DONE, bunny!!!

Please don't throw your half dry faeces/ BUNNY food at me.AND i don't care if you doodle on me or what. This dedication is THREE in one. Do it the NESCAFE way. ^^

Another state of art by CY^^

(If you're wondering whose chubby hand is this, it's mine.)



Saturday, September 13, 2008

gosh, first zhao min, then huey nee and finally the noisiest bunny too!!!

" how come my name is not up in your blog... :( "

wrong move....really i have to dedicate one to zhao min, dedicate one to huey nee and most outrageously! bunny wanted THREE!!! make things easier...I'll make a combined dedication ^^ (haha, so smart of me....)

let's start with huey la....

it all went back to 1999, when we were enrolled into the same primary school. She didn't know me, nor did i know her. But very strangely she heard of my name before seeing me. I tell you, she has excellent memory even at the age of 7...CREEPY!! ask her how she met her first love...she'll tell you like it was yesterday...

okay, back to topic... like i was saying, we didn't know of each other's existence (as in met in person). Little did we know, we would be best buddies and sit next to each other faithfully for 9 years ( 2000-2008 ) , even though now she starts to grumble that she's bored of me now. But i personally think its because I'm always not in class and she needs someone to fill that loneliness of hers, muahaha.

Huey is a very special gal. Well, people always think she's fragile and will break easily, well i would have assumed that if i didn't know her. huey, please don't glare when you read this. but i tell you, she's changed from soft to crazeee. Guys out there, she's still gentle k. I've changed the same way too. I supposed you wouldn't care about how people of your same gender would look at you. Huey can laugh at something not funny non-stop. And i don't even get the joke!!! She would just say she has weird imagination, to which i agree. She likes to experiment her food too! I need not say anymore. To cool off her char koay teow, she puts ice on it. I kinda forgot the other weird ones.

honestly, huey and I were never really alike. Well, i like to kepo and do extra stuff. But she would rather push off her post, like chairlady of krs because she was afraid she couldn't handle a big group. She's thin, to which she says, just nice, "刚好" so that makes me change from "刚好" to fat. Our perspective on how love should be is different too. ( That shall be kept private and confidential). Real different, blame it all on the love novels! They just make girls think every guy is that romantic and creative and caring and willing to sacrifice and handsome and will come by fate and...... You wouldn't want to hear me blab... But i just salute her of her long commitmment to relationships ( RELATIONSHIP! , just one ) and her patience in helping out at home being the jie jie when younger brothers can be quite a a pain in the butt.

Huey nee, you happy now!!! ^^ Don't dab your eyes and cry cause you're really touched k!

I just wanna say thanks for being my pal for so long and i know i can be a real pain when i become semi-conscious when i start to read. Thanks for screaming at me : "hurry up! " when it's time to go to the labs, thanks for reminding me what to bring the next day, though i seldom do what you say. Thanks for everything la...even for the statement yesterday when you called me "Mummy a... " out of the blue.

BBFL~~ N I LURVE YOU AS A BUDDY * NVR KNOW HOW YOU PEOPLE WILL THINK ( i hope i wont fade in your memory cause of him...BUT even if it does happen, don't worry bout me, i'll just fine my HIM for myself ^^)

er...zhao min and bunny... your dedication will have to wait.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

i broke a lot of records today i guess...

here's my list:
1. Wearing the most colourful dress ever in my whole life
that's sooo because of Malini's idea of BEING colourful for service...but in the end, i was the only one who was most colourfully dressed!!!

2. Went out with auntie Jenny, Jasmine and Andrew two times in a row today
first was for lunch. I tell you, you wanna go somewhere new, look for Auntie Jenny!! She keeps every ad on the newspaper when they introduce somewhere new. So we went to Armanean Street for the Hakka Cuisine. The place has an oldy look but its prices are soooo modern! RM 13 for a plate of fried spicy brinjals!! And it was'nt even a big serving!

But still the restaurant looks soo nice and has tons of realistic bird potraits, selling up to RM 11 k !!!(* jaw drops) This meal leads to my 3rd record too!

after that, captain ball....

3. first time in my life to hear this statement :

" Why you scream so much today one! like the 2nd rachel yeoh liddat !"

Goodness....i tried sooo hard to zip my mouth after that but decided to give up anyway and i still feel so bad while typing about this! I just hav'nt been playing for a LONG time k!! Didnt know the sport i loved was that scary!! i don't scream like her...

4. And then, this record is different!

My 3rd time to have a purple finger!!
they ( it) just looks like a pale brinjal!

Captain ball is a injury prone sport!! Especially when you scream a lot and panic.
(well at least I'll be excused from playing the piano^^)

6. First time ever to eat LOK LOK!
you'll laugh till you spill your guts but ITS TRUE!!

I've never tried lok lok in my whole life but i just know it exists. Thanks to Auntie Jenny, i gave my first LOK LOK to her! And (* drum roll.....) I ATE WANTON!! and a tiny puny sausage!!

7. My first time to drive a CAR!!!!!!!
I TELL YOU, its sooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!weeeeee!!!! I drove Auntie Jenny's car,fyi...and with two quivering passengers behind ( jasmine and andrew)

"eh,connie ar, don't brake suddenly k, i don't wanna vomit." - andrew

i drove in circles,did an "8", reversed and didnt make anybody vomit. Just killed some of Auntie Jenny's brain cells out of worry that i might crash her car!

It felt like playing the piano to me...except you have two pedals instead of one. Gosh, i kept pressing on the brake.But i finally got the hang of it!!! woohoo!! felt as if i conquered the world!

if you're kinda wondering where i was driving, i was driving at youth park's carpark. It is totally deserted except with a few dogs which Jamine attempted to run over.

here's a video to show you, (kinda dark) and you'll probably only hear jasmine talking ^^

quoting jasmine (at the end): " this week's funny video clip will be this!"

~moo~ - the gal who can drive^^

* p.s. i promised myself that i shall not blog for the whole week. this practically takes too much time and i need sleep...

so, sayonara for now!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

This was on thursday...
Its usual for everybody in class to not see me in class most of the days. That is how i got my name: “忙人". I always end up somewhere and blk kebajikan is one of the options. (not ponteng k!!! i do work) We had to finish our annual report and our orders. (which were SUPER late)
The table is super messy...its always ends up like that.
no matter how hard we try

in the end, being kepo as always...
i did our plushies instead of my annual report...

( from left: happy cookie, sad cookie, "pao", un-faced octupus and panda)

Chaw Yeh wanted me to cut out the plushies' mouths, we call them: 屁股 (butts) ,with its ' W ' shape. It would be horrible to look at if CY were to cut them... she just learnt how to use scissors this year.
btw, we even have our own gudang (lets hope my school's faculty won't know about this)
It used to be half full...if i'm not mistaken .It basically for those who're sick actually.
but i just took ...two ( *innocent@-@)

Sher took the most, guess what, she went kuku~ in the head later.

we did a lot of versions of the octupus...

told ya...sher just went bonkers!! :D

reminds me of those italian chefs that say: " bon appetite!"

i wanna show u the cookie and the panda too.

*cookie= done by me!! wee!! ( talking bout cutting and sticking....i do not sew...)

see the butt?

*panda= done by chaw yeh ( everything )



We just turned and saw sher screaming!




" i just cut my pinafore!!!"

Hahahahahaha, everybody in the room just SWARMED over to look at her masterpiece.

hmm...a very clean cut...nice pointy shape too.

sher's face was as sour as a prune....

she kinda attempted to sew it up...but its really not easy as it was'nt just a straight cut...

every plushies finally had their " butts" on and they were ready to delivered!

but, group pic first...

back in class, after delivery ( CY went to deliver them, i didnt)

CY: " aiyee!!! so happy to deliver the plushies! the form one's are like: "ahhh!!! soooo cute!!!" and i feel like a santa clause!!"

~ moo~

that was how my thursday went...

credits to chaw yeh for her camera...^^

Thursday, September 4, 2008

i SOOOO wanna blog about this website, its soo cool!!
if you're an artsy person and loves making cards, i totally recommend that you watch her videos...

MACM= make a card monday ( its on my link list )

i didnt get MACM at first...( only realised that she uploads her videos every monday ) and i'm her loyal fan ^^ woohoo!

BUT the main problem is the materials she uses is either too expensive in Ringgit ( blame it on our exchange rate) or we just cant find it here...

Well, just use your creative art sense to improvise!
I just adore the stamps, punches and (*drum roll).... THE EMBOSSING POWDER!!
the embossing powder just melts when it receives heat... ( hairdryer- that's what she uses )
and you just use your stamps to stamp out any design using VERSA WATER INK, then just put the embossing powder over it...

aiya...just look at her videos lar... ( try 25 August, she didnt use the powder on 2 Sep. )

well, enjoy them and pls leave a message if you're her fan too!!


Monday, September 1, 2008

this is credited to yvvone~ for her recipe

its just soo easy...

Mayo Egg

You'll need *egg (obviously)*Mayo*Pepper

1. FIRST, You cook the eggs, peel their shells, cut them into half.

2. THE FUN PART You dig the egg yolk out!!

3.Stir the yolk with mayo and pepper.

4. Put the yellow creamy mixture back into the egg white. ( pls don't throw away the egg white!! ) that's why its always good to read instructions first :)

5. Tada!! I guess some of you guys might think that it would be so much easier to dip the whole egg into mayo and sprinkle pepper over it... just tell me if you do try it...

btw, sammie just gobbled everything... 4 eggs!!!

shows how well i cook!! ^^


Quoting sammie:" aiyor, 3 blogs today, later sure no blogs for the whole week!"

and he's soooo right...

phew...finally got the splotch thingy up in my header...
my mum's has been asking me trillions of times, " what are you doing with the pc?"
well, i shan't tell.^^
i'll just figure the background thingy tomorrow...
that's enough for today...



i really feel like pulling my hair out now!!!
who knew blogging was so hard, let alone putting a nice background!!
u'll have to bear with the plain black for now...till i figure it out...