Thursday, November 26, 2009

tech prob

current status:
deleting all my maths formula.
installing biology facts.

message pops out:
process denied.


another message pops out:
please make sure you have enough space in ur hard drive.

problem is
i dont.
and even the malay and history wont go away!!!!

oh ya yeh yeh.
i should understand what u're feeling now.
and i feel so bad that i didnt do much for you.
very bad.
i'm going to make it up to you.
not gonna promise when i 'll do it cause when i do,
i always break my promises.
so have patience and wait ha.
hyeh hyeh.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

call me insane.
i'm so excited now!!
as if christmas is tomorrow.
i'll be going to college next week.
and as if SPM is over.

compose self.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

prayers answered

the lady who knew what to do came.
you know what people,
i've got a feeling you guys will be feeling happy on the 14th of Dec.
maybe its just me.

p.s. i just found out we left out 2 advertisments.
a class intro is pretty messed up.
tsk tsk.
but well,
we're fixing everything!

i guess i should head to history now.
or bm?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ignore me

i am neutral.
i think.
not trying to think about anything now.
even if the graduation year book is awful
even if its too horrible to be distributed today.
even if a lot of SPM-ers will be screaming at me.
even if the cover is way out of alignment.
even if the colours look like they need a LOT more yellow in it.
even if there are tones of mistakes cos he actually printed the wrong copy!!!
(can you believe this??!! spending 9 hours in his office to make sure everything is right means nothing)
even if there's a mistake in our 600 ringgit worth advertisement.
even if we're going to reprint and get it real late.
even if we're going to get the book latest ever in peng hwa history.

i think i care.
but i aint radical.
this book is important so is SPM.
like i said,
ignore me.
i'm just doing a self analysis on my problem
with my blog.
and ppl, i'm sry...
i really am.
i'm sorry i wasted your morning in school.
making you hope you could get your books by today.

p.s. hippo, no photos today, totally wasnt in a mood.
p.p.s. chung, just go to your layouts, click add a gadget, then scroll down and look for logo. then shift it wherever you want.
p.p.p.s. like i wrote in fb, still standing strong here with God's strength! :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

i am super jilat with my history now.
very jilat.
just sat my bum in front of the tv
(benice will nod in agreement to this statement)
ate a french roll, a slice of it i mean.
u can assume i ate the whole thing,
shan't care about how you think how un-skinny i am. :)
and i went thru my posts,old posts.

very amusing.
i sounded childish.
haha. with all my career indecisiveness,
oh yes,
and my so called i'm-doctor-love-posts.
i don't even know what love is by now.
and i don't think i'm ready to know yet.
and i've long forgetten my-meeting-my-bf-dream i dreamt.
as if it was flushed down the toilet.
all i remember is,
he wore specs.
a white shirt.
and he has the "si1 wen2 " look.
and if i'm not mistaken,
he has the smoothest face a guy could have. scary!

enuf said.
back to SUPP, PANAS ah yes, and SNAP. *_*

Saturday, November 7, 2009

a change

i just realise that my layout looks kinda emo-ish.
well, nvr mind.
dun have time to change it.
but i still like its earthy tone. :)

p.s. i shall tape my laptop up now.
and shuff it somewhere, maybe under my bed.
or maybe i should just destroy the power cords.
this wackiness of mine clearly indicates
PES= pre-exam stress

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


" er, can all the form 5 girls take note, the graduation year book will be distributed on the 11th of November, which is a wednesday. Please help to inform your other classmates who are absent today." -ms ng, 12.51p.m. tuesday 2.11.09

FINALLY!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!! !

to be honest, i have the temptation to demolish mr cheah's (printing company BOSS) image right now.
he said sorry.
so if your friend repents even 7 times a day, u shall forgive him.
even thought i wouldn't consider him my friend.

*control, control*


*anger-coolant button pressed*

thermometer drops to normal mood.

*smiles* (a lot of ppl have been telling me to do that)
i've got to be grateful.
so i'll think.
Thank God its before SPM.
even if we got it the latest ever in school history,
so nobody will be able to criticize and tell me in the face.
i dun think i'll be able to handle it.
just to imagine, 1 year's of hard work
was only worth a"yer, so nan2 kan4" (i'd die, so dun do it)
so even, if it was only worth that yer.
i shall assume it was a masterpiece. :)
but i still have faith, you guys would agree with the masterpiece statement :P
what am i saying??
and u know what?
i think,
i think...
i'll cry when the books arrive. :)

p.s. i have tons of photos to upload in fb, dixie's, yzern's,graduation day.
p.p.s. SPM in 15 days.
p.p.p.s. to all my committee members, i lurve you guys to shreds!!!!
p.p.p.p.s.yes, i am smiling, ppl.