Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i have no idea what happened to my urge to blog nowadays.

oh yes,
if u were wondering how i've been.
i've been busy.
and if u noticed.
i think i'll never said i was free. hahaha.

college has been fun.
at least it isnt as hectic as secondary school.
but then, there are tons of temptations
that can drag u away from ur table.
(well, i might be at my table with the wrong motives like facebooking)

i have made some interesting friends and discovered some interesting facts as well.
and if u read further,
u might be able to notice that most are not from my gender.
dun ask me why.
my conclusion is, i knew most of the galfriends i know now.

1. my fingers are amusing.
the Yap twins found my sausage-like fingers very amusing.
which is like a wonder for me.
cos everytime i cup my face in despair with my hands,
they laughed as if i just used cow dung as a facial mask.
and then they started comparing palms.
very predictably, mine was the shortest.
theirs could even bend a joint over all my fingers.
(those who could do that were giants, so its genetic)

2. my smile looks like a cry.
i think eric started that theory.
he said that, when i smile, its so hard to differentiate whether i was crying or smiling.
so now, when i smile,
i have to deliberately, use my fingers to push the ends of mouth into a smiley curve
like this >> :)
then the twins laugh again.
cos my fingers amused them. *rolls eyes*

3. my name has multiple versions now.
a) con con
b) ah corn
c) jagung

i guess the 'connie the cow" nickname didnt make it to college.

4. it irritates the guys when my height can change by a few inches overnight.
i have to go thru so much indecisiveness on shoes.
cos if i wear my heels,
they'd complain.
but if i dun, my jeans are far too long.
so sometimes, i just dun care and i shock them silently by just standing beside them.
and they'd eye my feet immediately.hahahhaa.
i just love that look.

5. i have come to a conclusion that
when its the gals that take action, that relationship is likely to blossom.

no extra explanations needed.

6. there are ppl who can eat a 4 person portion and be as skinny as a stick.
i'm serious when i meant stick, he's all brown and stiggy.
he's a tennis state player and super good in further maths.
so hes's like a weird combination.
cos usually ppl are more developed in either areas.
oh yes, envy him! yep, he's Pang.
i cant even see any flab on him!
and i think he has a waist size of a gal.
not to mention he's 180...(rough estimation)
can i just not talk about him?
he just makes me feel obese by now.

7. it amuses PS when i am irritated by him.
so can u imagine how horrible my life is?
not to mention, he just switched to my maths and mechanics class.
i think that's 14 hours a week of being in the same class with him.
i'm praying hard for him to get selected for jpa.
and only see him in court decades later.
hahahaha. i'm predicting that RY will tell him about this.
and he'll be fuming mad.
did i tell u, i like to irritate u too?

enuf said.
i've officially updated my blog.
God knows when my next post is.