Sunday, December 28, 2008

The D.D's

Rachel is her usual self again.
i kinda failed my mission.
But i'm glad i failed.
I'm soooo gonna miss her siao-ness
if she really becomes poised.

Yesterday, we had the ISCA awards
for the best group award.
Girl Power got the prize.
So I was thinking we should have another group
called the D.D's.
which is DecoDolls/ DecoDudes
haha. sounds so lame.
At least its still better than I M PRINCE.

We have like so many artsy ppl in ISCA.
Like maylyn, shari, sarah choong, von, sher,
sammie, RY, anthony, gary, pr. lydia, mookie....
we can really start our own group!

some other crazy ideas of mine.

btw, check this out.
This is so cool.
i never tot of making christmas decorations that way.
just using strips of paper and you staple them together.
can be used for CNY too.

taken from:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

rachel's mentor

rach was grumbling yesterday about how rach ooi was showing off her boyfriend.

RY: " yor, that rachel ooi ar, keep showing off her bf and said her bf will be better than any bf i get!!!! "

RY is always worried about not getting a bf in future life.
you know why...
and wilson says her bf will be either deaf or will be deaf.

she just totally forgot about the whole her-bf-wont-be-better-than-rach ooi's-issue
and went on being her USUAL self.

" rach ar, i thought you wrote on your blog that you wanted to get rid of your bad habits? "-moo

" yea, ya lor. how ar? you know what?...."-RY

so i ended up being her
mentor in becoming a eligible girlfriend for a boy.
that's what she intorduced me as to wilson.

both me and wilson were on our mission.
everytime she laughed,
you know how she laughs,
(i always say a tennis ball can fit right into her mouth)
i eye her. and she stops and
tries REALLY hard to contain it.
that wilson told her,
" no, you should stand up straight and put one leg in front, cover your mouth with one hand and only giggle. "
it would be such a sight if RY laughs like tat. i mean giggle.

and RY has her extra big movements when she talks.
so i eye her. and then she stops.
i should be called the eye-er instead of a mentor.
she got tired, i guess, of being so composed.

" i thought my bf i supposed to like me for who i am? "- RY

" NO!!! first impression counts ok! or not you'll scare every boy away. imagine when you meet your future mother-in-law for the first time for dinner, and you just go wahahahaha when you hear a joke. i think she'll faint straightaway and there goes your bf. "-wilz

to make things easier, i suggested that
" or not ask your bf to make sure nobody at the table makes a joke lo."

at the finale, she was tensed up that i laughed.
" you must be really pressured to have me around you." -moo

" no la, i need the pressure. or not i can't change."-ry

so three more days, i'll be eye-ing her.
since we're together for so long during our practises.
so ppl, do help.
when you see her trying to fit a tennis ball into her mouth,
tell her, " compose rach, compose!''

she's is so going to invite you to her wedding.
rach, dun kill me or scream when you read this.
remember, compose youself^^

~mentor moo~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i am soooo shocked.
i think i can fit a tennis ball into my mouth.
(like how rachel yeoh does it^^)

i cannot believe it.
a distinction?
in piano?
at grade 8???

u're not the only who does not believe this.
i am screaming my head off now!!
i'm not a piano enthusiasts like cass, emily, maylyn or von.
i just play,
well, for the sake of playing.
that's it.
and i get a distinction for my grade 8?

i really do believe that God really does miracles.
first time in my entire life,
that i was one mark away from a full score for my aural test.
first time in my entire life ,
to be commented on having prompt reactions for scales.

this is really a miracle.
and i am astounded.
cos i myself do not think that i can even get a merit.

thank you God.
for this blessing you've given to me.
thank you God.
for helping me learn that i have to look to you.
thank you God.
for making christmas this year a good one.

p/s. sammie got distinctions too for his grade 6.

another miracle.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

can't say enuf

i just wanna say....
i am sooo, extremely grateful to all the people who helped in the sleepover.
i wanna thank you guys
for taking out your time in
helping me do all those
last minute deco stuff and
helping me do the last minute touch ups and
helping me bring brushes, glue, newspaper, and
glitterize the planets.
i wanna thank all of you who LENDED the glow-in-the-dark stars.
you made the 'skies' beautiful^^
i wanna thank Marcus Pan for helping out for food.
i wanna thank Wilson for guiding me.
i wanna thank all the ushers. You guys did a great job.
i wanna thank maylyn, chern, sher, jamie, miah,
leonard, gary, calvin, joshua khoo,
joshua ooi (for coming by to inspect),
matthew, nicholas, bernard (for glitterizing the stars),
derrick, issac, oh dear, i hope i didnt miss any names.
honestly... I LOVE YOU GUYS TO BITS!!!!!!
i wish i could give you guys kisses....
but then i think pr. Lydia would call me for counselling.
AND i just thank God for your existance in my life.
p/s: brandon, you don't have to rub it in k.
an ever grateful cow.

Friday, December 12, 2008

camp this year

camp was totally awesome!
even though i lost my voice for the last day.

the speaker, pr. felix chuah was really my F.A.V.
he was the speaker for my first youth camp.
and he really OPENED my eyes about the Holy Spirit.
and ' soaking' too.

this year, was another surprise as well.
he taught us to listen to God's voice.
which had been a really big struggle to me
which i believe i'm very noisy in my heart
till i muffle up God's voice.

honestly, for the first night.
i really couldn't feel the Lord's presence.
i had the thought that maybe God wasn't going to do
anything with me this year.

the next day....
i started coughing and my chest just tightened up.
i dun know whether was it because of the pressure
but i really had trouble breathing especially during
teambuilding with 300 over ppl in a hall
so hyped up!

that is some serious oxygen intolerance there!

so i had a whiff of Haan-Ming's medication.
(thx haan-ming!!)
and i said a quick prayer outside the toilet
(cause i was leading worship that night)
u can imagine me saying, IN THE NAME OF JESUS....
outside the washroom with ppl walking
in and out.

* the mothers who brought their children
to the toilet were like " shhh! chehcheh is praying,"
haha. and i tried to pretend not to hear it.

after praying for everybody in the room,
(btw, i managed to sing without fainting, praise the Lord!)
i still couldn't feel the Lord's presence.
then pr. felix asked all the worship team to come forward.
at first, i bawled so badly
but when pastor prayed that we would used our voices
to extend his kingdom,
i was so lead by the spirit that i sang soooo long non stop.
something like tarzan...(the girl version)

it ended wonderfully.
full of joy and laughter.
(if you were there to see the situation, you'll know what i mean.)

so never say, God's not going to do anything.
it's just whether you believe God will do something.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

the previous post was reaalllly EMO!
i re-read it and i was like "IS that me???"

wilson kinda made me look at my blog again.

" yor, what's wrong with you. You're not like that one!"

very true.

i really dunno what got into me.
i'm guessing its the lack of carbs...
i was extra moody that whole period of time.

so i've made a choice.
i will not let emotions get into my way!!