Monday, April 27, 2009

snip snip!

that was a totally daring move.

i decided to snip off my iconic bangs and layer off my another iconic bob.

had no idea what made me do so.

i suppose i wanted a change.

maybe i wanted to make sure people will still accept me even if i changed from the outside.

i guess i'm just afraid of not being accepted.

i think i look like rihanna now *winks

nah! still too fair to be her.

at least i've got comments that i dun look so hot (not sexy, what i mean is juak, ok!) without my distracting hair.

but still, my head feels too light...

never mind...

its not like it'll not grow back.

ps. sher, pls have a teeny bit more patience.

i promised, but not yet :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

its frustrating.
you've been thru that?
then you'll know what i'm talking about.
ppl asking you about what do you wanna study.
what u wanna be.
yada yada yada....
i don't know.
so stop asking.
i am just so random.
i see something.
i wanna be something.
like the other day,
i was watching CSI
i told my mum i wanna be a crime investigator.
u should have seen my mum's face.
the next time,
i saw a show on animal planet.
about vets i think.
then i wanted to be a vet.
then i saw those really nice photos of cakes.
i told my mum i wanna be a cook/baker/chef.
the other time,
my parents were thinking of renovating the ground floor
i loved the architectural magazines!!
then i wanted to be an interior designer.
you know the fashion magazines in those hair saloons?
guess what i wanted to be?
a fashion magazine editor!!
like those for female, elle...
my current experience with the graduation magazine,
just blew that dream bye bye! i'd rather read them
then make people read them.
jasmine is teaching tuition now.
so i told my mum i wanted to be a tuition teacher.
like ********,
or other rivals.
then finally,
see man asked me to be her fashion consultant...
i asked her why?
she said,
"you take nice pictures."
weird reason, but still i was flattered.
and i like shopping for people too.
the weirdest kind of advice for a choice of job
i received was...
be a lecturer.
i'm a future business lady.
not a lecturer!
i would rather chubby, innocent, know nothing toddlers
than adults.
to S5A -IANS, and whoever
i've got enough reasons above
to prove that i have other career options besides being a mum.
( anymore suggestions? )

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


first time edits!

clever me!

well, not me actually. its the program.

super easy.

makes u look like a pro.

this was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago.

dear, jamie.

remember we used to sit at the right side of the hall?

in old church?

remember the camp that we had to protect our fragile eggs?

whose one broke?

i forgot.

remember our first youth camp?

that we scurried back to our rooms,

out of fear of the suspiscious men outside?

ah, the good times.

even the times we served in jr cids.

its like we did everything together. well, almost.

not to mention the dozen times u left me at camp

while u were in s'pore.


i think your blurri-ness is a result of ur blurry vision.

hah! you would rather not wear ur specs and live ur life in blurness.
that makes u super adorable.
i love u for ur frankness too.
u taught me to really mean what i say.
like the other time,
" jamie, stop me from eating the whole plate at church this sat."
" just eat tong3 shui2 can d la!"
gulp, the fear of hunger just took a grip in my heart.
kinda slapped me to realize that if i wanna diet, mean it!
and those times when we talked about boys...
aha! dun show me the look, ppl!
as if u don't do that!
i still think u were the one who made me laugh.
it was not my very true statements that made u laugh.
i'm blabbering.
before i die,
i want you to know...
that you've been a GREAT bestie!!!
and believe that you can achieve great things in God.
His promises are hanging above your head anytime.
just reach out your hand and grab it darling!

BFF! even till i die!