Sunday, October 17, 2010

there might be big changes next year.
problem is i never liked changes :(
the thought that i MIGHT, ( i repeat, its not certain yet ) i might go to AUP next year,
is slightly troubling.
it depends whether will UK tuition fees for international students go up.
which is still unknown to everybody.
it means i have to start anew.
make new friends.
i dont get to eat with my usual gang. ( smacks hands on face )
i dont get to see my usual coursemates.
argh, sangat tak suka.
even the unknown changes that are bound to happen in church.
( who knows? (: ) is making me kinda uneasy.
splitting up passion and b'uh'nanas was never an easy experience already.
but yea, i kinda survived.
nuf' said.
just wanted to share this lollipop song to brighten ur day :D
and mine too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

im gonna be so sick with exams soon,
first AS which is in 2 days time. less than 24 hours.
then next SAT...which i have no idea how in the world will i have time to prepare.
and then...maybe TOEFL and IELTS...
and as if this was bad enough,
i have to start applying too.
US uni's by 1 Jan 2011.
UK uni's by 15 Jan 2011.
cute thing is...i dont have an exact choice of where i wanna go.
yes, laugh. laugh. im laughing at myself anyway.
there's HK competition = a lot of late nights choir practices.
mega sports camp = helping with food for a few mornings
firecamp = aha, for once, i dont have much to do. :)
A2 exams = i've got to brush up on my FM A2 syllables which i flushed down my brain 2 months ago.
empty pocket = needs to look for some part time jobs.
old phone = means new iphone? hahahahaha.
as some of the people i know will say.
"this is connie's busy life."
"this is the connie i know. "
sounds like the one i know too. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


this blog of mine really needs a makeover.
it usually becomes alive in a midst of major exams.
stay tuned ppl,
for panda photos or....
grunts or weird posts or maybe emo-ish feelings.

the other day,
leslie talked in ISCA about having a dream.
i thought i didnt have one.
and seriously gave much thought to it.
the fundraising for Fire Camp for care cell kinda inspired me that
i wanted to run a business.
the thrill of getting stock at the lowest prices after surveying at
tesco, econsave, sunshine farlim, tesco extra, giant...
thats something i like doing.
and packaging your goods,
as in for the fruits and stuff.
and also, the feeling of counting money...hahahahaha.
(so explains why im not having a science career.)
PLUS, i like handmade stuff and creative stuff.
like Zakka. japanese term for "junk"
where people use junk to make something lovable and wallet emptifying.

i totally love going to
or martha stewart.
or art blogs.

the thought of producing something,
marketing something,
selling something
makes me feel i've accomplished something
by helping consumers
buy something they truly like.

that's why i always end up spending most of my time
doing things like that instead of studying. :/
who knows, maybe i'll be able to set up a chain store
or a line. maybe i dream too much.
but its fun and it keeps me going sometimes. :)

dreams dont have to be a reality sometimes.