Tuesday, February 24, 2009

to wan ching:

hey gal,
nice knowing all these years and extra more this year.
since you're sitting next to me.
i thank you for all the notes you've lended me,
for all the invites to redbox even though i seldom turn up,
for all the giggles, and the "slap slap" on my arms when you're hyper.
i think i'm gonna miss you when we graduate.
even though your mood,
gets a teeny little bit unstable sometimes, (SOMETIMES. )
you'll always brush it aside the next day as if nothing happened.
i appreciate that :)

well dear friend,
happy b'day and may you find your " lam fung" *giggles*

to huey nee:

my bestie for the past 10 years.
happy anniversary to both of us :)
i just wanna tell you how much i appreciate the friendship between the both of us
and even though you make life hard for me when you complain you're fat :P
haha. just kidding,
i love you to bits....
for your wild imagination
for your weird humour
for your self indulgance
and for your super speed liking.

you just make my life VERY colourful.
just see how wild and weird you are...

to tzin nie,

my everything-also-ok friend,
your smiles
and your dazzling eyes have certainly sent shocks to guys
yet your big big heart touched mine.
your care and your priority in friendship is something
that is really hard to find.
i really enjoyed the carefree laughter of yours
and your big bear hugs when i feel like screaming or when i'm down.
did anybody mention to u that you make a good cushion?

blah! well, happy bday basketball gal!

well buddies,
its like fate that we were all born within a month.
meeting each other in that 1i class....
till besties to now.

so you guys better think of something for me too!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

let the photos feed you^^
bdays of wching, xin yi and hnee.
well, if you're wondering why u dun see wan ching...
huey nee just had to be in every pic. ^^ wakaka.
we walked and walked and walked.
in heels.
last time i'll do it in them.
they just keep rushing and rushing.
let's go, huey say after one look at the shop.
my jaw practically drops k.
its like she hasn't even stepped into the shop
for more than 2 minutes.
n she says let's go??!
she has to have her bday present bought.
she saw a bag at MOMOE.
RM 99.90
its nice.
but that darling gal says its too expensive.
"aiya, i'll claim from him (u-know-who) la." -me
in the end she got an anklet.
could sense that she wasn't satisfied with the present she got. :P
we headed to KIM GARY later.
total madness.
all the tables beside us were staring.
kept saying the waiter there was my bf.
( inside joke)
see man even took out her phone
pretended to call, to take a picture
of their so called " hen3 shuai4" waiter.
siao siao.
ying qi is the main ingredient of all.
well, with the 3 laughers (wching,see man and hnee) to accompany her
wching, tzin nie and me

me,hnee and see man

me and min xuan

qi= longlost friend + main rempah for siaoness

girls in action!!
that mango thingy she's eating.
well, its mine.
her hand flies everywhere actually.
teehee XD
wan ching can eat ALOT!
even thought it'll never show.
she and qi were like
" your leg very skinny lo."
"your leg very long lo."
" wa, your shoe so nice."
imagine me sitting next to them...

more random photos

yep. the laughers.

laughing till the "mr handsome" didnt dare to walk past us.

oh yes yes.

miss shopaholic is back!!

i lost myself for the past 2 months.

i got myself shoes.


its purple!! RY, dun drool.


hope this explains my absence at church well enuf^^

happy bday to wanching, xin yi and huey nee.

love you guys to bits!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

makes sense

If you cannot love the ones you see,

How can you...

love God who you can't see?

- Mother Theresa

very GOOD point...

looks like i better work on ppl around me first.

p/s just loved that recent post of RY...
we just fall in the same category>> single but still living a life

Monday, February 16, 2009

ferris wheel

its just goes up and down.
round and round.
it'll never stop...
well, unless there's no power input to it.

i'm standing right below the ferris wheel.
patiently and eagerly
waiting for whoever or whatever that steps out of one of the carriages.

some are surprising,
some are just painful to go thru again.
some are just the sweetest things created.
some are just really big mountains to get over.

i do appreciate them.
even if they hurt sometimes.
cos you'll never know...
when they'll just leave the carriage and never go up and down again.
some might just go right back in.
and you'll see them real soon.

sometimes i wish
i'll just forget about standing there.
makes life easier, won't it?
haha. but yet,
that's the only connie ferris wheel in the whole world.

you can't take somebody's place
and stand at the entrance of their ferris wheel.
it doesnt have your mark.
nor will it be yours to hold and keep.

well, i'll just treasure those times when i wait for you.
whoever, whatever you are.
make sure you make a mark in my life.

note: this is just another emo post of connie
i know, so dun tell me its emo. ><

p/s: huey nee. keep the other version of the ferris wheel theory to yourself.
even though what i wrote above sounds like your (not mine) theory.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

didnt know that

i just came back from mission trip
on sunday.
and it was a blast.
we were talking and laughing our heads off on our way home
talking about belina, melina and felina (the mosquitoes buried in benice's hair)
well, actually, i didnt sleep on purpose
cos i was scared wilson will fall asleep.
had to talk to him to keep him awake.
wakaka. hilarious.

what really puzzled me was,
ok, let me give you a situation...
a sweet girl who just came down the van,
saw a orang asli boy, young boy, about 6,7 years old,
and she just said hi.
that boy's face just curled up and went
:" waaaaa!!!! ma (mama)!!"
leaving the gal in utter shock...

didnt know my "hi" was that scary.
some photos here.

giving out the clothes.

my favourite part. its like shopping for them.

getting to know the kids better.

they have like 8 siblings, 5 or 4. scary.

julia, the 2nd left is holding her youngest sister.

for more of the photos, and testimonies on our trip.
just look at daryl's facebook and the ISCA blog.

i'm busy and lazy to blab much about it.

better keep my fingers crossed for tml.
taking my undang test after school.
pls do pray for me ppl.
i really dun wanna flunk.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cut it out, ppl

i'm not desperate ppl.
well if u assume i am.
(you're wrong btw!!!)
i hope i'm not lol-ing...
i really hope i'm not.

that post, that very post,
was just a mere shout out
on how i felt
at that very second.
that's it, ppl.

if i were to be soooo desperate.
i'll be able to have
another equally desperate boy
to be my bf.
it'll totally save me from my distress.


cut it out.
with icing on top? @_@

and i'm not a lol-la or a lol-lita.
i refuse to.

~absolutely not deperate moo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

so true.


this is so touching...

u guys should really go and see this.

what struck me the most was...

we need to understand

that we cannot make others love us.

but to let ourselves be loved.

great life principle.

its like, all our lives...
we feel unloved.
always trying every method to feel loved.

yet, the only way was to be lovable.

it speaks great truth.

there was another one,

it takes a few seconds to open

profound wounds in someone you love,


it takes years to heal.

you never know,
what your words can do.
you never know,
how that person is bleeding inside.
you never know,
how much it hurt.

cause' all it took for you
was a tantrum and daggers of words.

i've learnt another principle too,

for guys and gals to be best friends,

have to find each other repulsive.

so true.

without repulsiveness between each other,
you'll practically be more than best friends.

so guys, as a good friend,
i think i should tell you frankly,
i find u repulsive! haha.