Monday, August 31, 2009

satu malaysia


do check it out.
like mr yip (ex chinese teacher) says
we have to know more about our country.
ms. tan lay see would have sarcastically said that we were princesses di bawah tempurung.
which i do agree.
i'd rather see in the papers whether has andy lau admitted the fact that he's married
then well, look at the other sections.

well, surprisingly.
the videos are pretty amusing.
i would give a thumbs up since these are from malaysia.

just click on the picture to go to the website.
btw, not all of them are out yet.
"halal" is the nicest by far.
but "lumpur" has a lot of meaning to it.

not going to slap myself.
this is educational.
esp for moral.
what an excuse.

ps. if u attempted doing that, i can tell u, u succeeded.

but don't u worry one bit. i can do the exact same thing.


Friday, August 28, 2009

mummy blues

i miss my mum.

she's been away since monday and will only be back on sunday night.
one week! one week!
its such agony...
imagine, talking to her every moment you want.
well, i talk a lot to her.
a lot. i am the TALKATIVE girl at home.
haha. its the opposite.
outside, you talk, i'll listen.
at home, only i do the talking.
i'm sort of like her story machine...
cos' i practically tell her everything that happened.
with loads of gestures and facial expressions.
and she laughs.
its so nice to have a responsive audience.

that's y it such a depressing week.
nobody to listen to my grandma stories.
nobody to hug me when i get really pek chek.
nobody to cook vege (one full plate) for me because well, erm, i have bowel complications.
nobody to watch those korean dramas with me.
nobody to tell me, " wei, relax enuf d lo, can study d."
(which is bad esp with the trials coming up)

on top of that, its so rainy.
doesnt make my day any better.
well, trying hard to make
" mummy, i'll be skinnier by the time you come back. :P"
as a motivation which i got
chuckles = ( she's not buying that) as a reply.
at least its a motivation for me to hope that she won't be back soon.
my fats are really stubborn. :)

and i'm sorry if this is depressing for you to read.
well, an emo post once in a while makes my other posts very cheery :D
what a theory.

" CONNIE ar, wake up!! -----------(censored). want oso cum talk with me. Hahaha...If u want 2 gt scholarship, save sum money 4 sam, then STUDY! just xin1 ku3 few weeks nia. Ok?"

-sms from sher

slap slap.
go study.
save money for sam.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


when things come to the worse,
even plastic tastes good.
elecricity has been cut off,
and we have to live in the attic,
cold and wet, especially when it rains.

something smells nice...
at last. must have been some kind-hearted man who left it at our doorstep.
i rushed to gobbled it but to my terror,
i was confined to a compartment.
mum!!! i've been kidnapped.

that burly man took me and place me on the grassy fields.
i was terrified.
it was so bright that i could not even see clearly.
i heard footsteps.
i turned, and " sizzle..." was i all i heard.
i ran, and ran and ran.
but i was just going in circles.
the pain was overwhelming and all i could remember was the sauna was overheated.

in case, this post is confusing.
lemme fill you in.
there's this rat=i who loves to nibble on the wires=plastic on my ceiling.
it triggered off the alarm one night.

so my dad=burly man/kindhearted man decided to put a mouse trap=compartment there.
he placed salted fish=fish in it.
and he got the rat.
it was cute actually.
so daddy took it out to our garden=grassy fields
and went to boil some hot water=sizzling?
and he poured it over IT!!! gasp!!!
it ran and ran and ran in circles.
it was so hot! i could see the steam.
at last, it squeaked.
it broke my heart...
all i could see was that his left hind leg was in vibration mode.
like how the dogs would do it.
i'm guessing that the muscles were relaxing and contracting too much.
and there it was, wet and red.
like how it would turn out to be in a overheated sauna.

in case you guys think my dad is cruel.
i wouldnt want to dissect it either.
which was my dad's other option.
who knows what it ate in the roof.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

sweet much!

i feel good when i'm around you,

but its a secret i won't tell you.
(from hui mei's blog )

i am so in a "quotes" craze right now.
and my classmates got me into it.
anybody who has any nice quotes to share just scribbles it on the right side of the board.
and yeah, the teachers stare at it either with
" who wrote this?"

" who is supposed to wipe the board??!!"

but its usually dixie, michelle or xin yi who does all the scribbling.
i do the understanding and the exclamations, "owh, i get it! i get it!"

btw, i personally think proverbs is full of wise quotes.
i kinda regret only appreciating it now. :P

cool as cucumber

i'm fine.
i am chilled.
i'm not stressed. positive.

just tat i've been feeling that i have been MIA for loads of stuff.

greedy gal just wants it all.
in everything, be it studies, career, fun, responsibilities, friends and likable-ness from everybody.

greedy gals get tired being greedy.
but they dun know what to cut down
because they have been used to being greedy and holding onto everything.
so decision making for her...


Thursday, August 6, 2009

when was the last time i had a decent talk with a friend?

when was the last time i stopped and looked at the starry night?

when was the last time i knew what you were going thru?

when was the last time i had a good talk with God? ( which is bad )

when was the last time i stayed anger-free the whole day?

when was the last time i sang wholeheartedly?

when was the last time i stepped into a cinema? (ages...)

when was the last time i lay on grass to look at the clouds...?


well, at least i've got somebody to pick on my brains for the time being :)

it helps a lot, kinda see a very interesting friendship ahead.