Sunday, March 29, 2009

lemme see, this is supposed to be updated so long ago.

dear benice,
do u still remember the first line you spoke to me about?

it was in 2000, i think.

u said, " ni hui jiang hua yu de ma hor?"
you know to speak chinese de me hor?

*the following conversation is censored due to some complications*

u stunned me.
who wouldn't la.
imagine a indian young gal talking to a eight year old gal in chinese.

i only got to know you in cell group. i just knew your name before that.
u were one of the legendary samars.
i used to think of that. haha. well, ben kinda destroyed the family image.

u were really someone i could look up to.
someone i could ask advice from yet not feel bad about myself.
u make everything sound as if somebody has gone thru that.
and those wise words about bgr.
u were the rational one. always.
and u always have the wisdom to whatever issue discussed.

ooh, yes.
the very mad times.
that's why i like being with you.
you've got the gila rempah in you!
when we posed with the *ahhem*
when we pushed thern's face in the cake.
when we were planning for the easter skit last year ( the 3 dumb blondes )
and the times you always say, " this is fattening."
i am so gonna miss you if i leave...

oh yes yes.
not to mention about the same fashion views we have.
its hard to find someone like tat.
not to mention i adore your curls eveb tho u had to cut them off
when u tangled them up after a shower.
and no, you're not a granny.
u're a hip diva.
u've got to accept who you are.
i think we both need to learn that.
that the CREATOR created us perfectly.
and we've got to accept our flabs as how they wanna to be placed.
and the tough times we go thru together as cell leaders.
like u say, leadership can be so lonely.

all in all.
i love u dearly.
eveb though i can't express much of it.
but i really do.
do read this letter at my funeral. ^^
and i hope i didnt wet ur keypad.


Friday, March 20, 2009


guys, just try not to fit a tennis ball into your mouth.

i know!!! i'm was like blank.blink.blink.

how can they do it so well?

i guess i can't say i have much of a talent in art anymore.

ppl, before u slap me.

i did not go ONLINE for a WHOLE day yesterday!

so,no slapping.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 woah! things

1. ry, ur blogawards frenzy is making everybody changing their blog layouts.

2.ry, i cannot believe nobody voted for me.

3.heloo ppl. i'm sweet, down to earth and i have D nicest blog layout. * fullstop.

4.dun bother about 1,2 and 3.

5.jamie and ni, your letters will have to be after my exams. i need less pressure and more inspiration.

6.pray that i won't die by then.

7.moo talk is officially non-emo.

8.ying shan is form 1! *faint* i tot she was form 2.

9.back to the blogawards. leslie's blog is more ancient than kah heng's and thern's blog is not down-to-earth.

10.i think i'm going to flunk a lot of subjects this time with all my time blogging here. somebody slap me!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ps. before i die

i'm not going to die just yet, well, if you were surprised at my blog title.
who knows, maybe God wants me up in heaven early.^^

i kinda got the inspiration from p.s. i love you
but my version will be kinda different.
the book's version is you only read the letter after the writer dies.
my version is you better read it before i die!!

sometimes there are some stuff i wanted to tell that somebody.
but i never got the chance.
then i'll only regret it at home.
and i just can't say to u out of the blue...saying:
erm, hey, i wanna tell you that....blah blah *something from the heart*
it's just not my style.

so i've decided that i'll write these letters to you guys.
but i need to know whether do u want me to.
in case you dun want me to blab about some hush-shush details. :P
u never know what i can still remember.
ask marky, i have super memory. with people.

so just shout at my shoutmix.
and you'll be reading my letters to you before i die.
just get a tissue ready when u read my letter to u. wakaka.
i love to see ppl cry.
well, wondering who i'm talking about.
look at a mirror and say, i think connie is talking about u.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

korean frenzy

wilson brought us out to eat last sat to celebrate justin's b'day.
guess what.

we had korean food.
and u know, u can't have food without RY and BEN
RY : so nice....the food so nice you know. my goodness.

BEN: AHHH!! must take picture to blog! *snap snap.

Wilson: eat la eat la! this one is very nice.

Benice: oh no, i'm getting fat d. * what? i'll be obese then.

Justin: ~~~~ he's very quiet.

Ruby: ~~~just taking pictures.

bang L: ~~ busy eating the rice that benice gave him.

maylyn:~~ i feel fat... * another one.

justin did all the ordering. in korean!
and he really knew what to order.
he was like the tour guide.
wilson was his loud speaker.

justin: this is our traditional food we eat for new year....(very politely )

wilson: THIS IS WHAT THEY EAT FOR NEW YEAR!!! (like some fishmonger)

it's called tok-po-ki.
rice cake and maggi mee.
i kept eating the rice cake till i had so much gas in my stomach and i felt like bursting.
we had steamed egg.
and sushi.
the kind owner made them for Just for Justin.
ooh. just for justin. they rhyme.

benice couldn't resist trying them

even tho she said she couldn't stand the smell.

justin treated us supper after that.
yep. korean supper.
korean ice cream! and drinks.
we girls discovered something very extraordinary!
and we were screaming and shooing the boys away.
but we were lucky to be the only ones int the shop and in the restaurant.
justin must have been embarassed to have us around.

kamsahamidas, justin opa.

cute rite? the colours were so real.

and it even had dark spots to make it look like seeds.

that's why i like korea.

they do everything so nicely.

not to mention they wear everything nicely and fashionably too.

and their guys




are super gentleman-ly.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


okay....i didn't expect that...

i went to the loo.
got back.
sat down.
tot my classmates were going to sing me a bday song
(its the tradition they do, when somebody uses the loo, its their prime time to pakat)
well, i heard silence....

no song.
never mind.
mine isn't today either.
pn teoh, chinese teacher says, " xin yi, fill the pemantauan file."

xin yi gets up and gets it.
and puts it on my table.
puzzled...cos she does it everytime.
but i tot maybe she's busy.
so i opened the file.
i squealed...
a loud squeal.
a pop-up card saying
happy birthday connie
i kept laughing and laughing and laughing
out of shock i guess.
or for my impoliteness for making such a noise in class.
then, the bday song came.

i laughed till i teared.
they probably think i'm too touched.
well, sry to make u disappointed guys :)
but i still love you guys to bits.
thanks for the surprise!
you should take my squeal as your prize.

and...okay fine ppl.
i'm motherly.
i get it.
i'll accept the fact.
i can't believe almost every person who wrote on my card tot of me as motherly!
i'm exagerating...not all la.

.....thx for your advice all these years along the way (that's y we call you 'lao dua mak') -huey

dear connie: you're cute & motherly. -min xuan

to connie: i will miss the days you "chase" us to science lab, screaming for us to pass up our books. you are like S5A's mum!!- yee cing

connie:.........encopsulates everything you're lovable for: your cuteness :) your glow:P your motherish nature XD -xin yi

you know what.
i think i've got some talent in being a mom.

another surprise.
i'm going for chinese essay competiton tml!!!
chinese!! i cannot believe i agreed on it.

oh i forgot.
surprise 3
Jivey Enterprise Annual Report was reported to be found in Sue Yin's cupboard.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Be ye fishers of men.
You catch them, HE'll clean them.
God Himself does not propose to judge a man until he is dead.
So why should you?
Many folks want to serve God, but only as advisors.
We were called to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges.
The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.
The Will of God never takes you to where the Grace of God will not protect you.
REALLY words of truth...


we girls can talk about anything anywhere

we were like talking about love at first sight in physics lab

strange isn't it?

we should be talking about resonance, resistance, friction etc etc....

never mind.


back to topic

we were talking about love at first sight.

as usual, huey nee was nodding her head in agreement


huey nee

*loves romantic stuff

*believes in jodoh

*wants a boy who can sing like fang li shen

*thinks that she has to broaden her circle of boy friends ( not boyfriends ) to look for her mr. right.

ying qi, main rempah for our siaoness.

didnt agree.


i guessing that she

*loves romantic stuff too (u should see how hyper she can get )

* is a bit more conscious than my friend above

*thinks that guys shouldn't act desperate, maybe they really are....who knows, we already know one *winks*

for xin tze

aha! new name huh?

she is such a fun gal to be with!!!!!

*her love experience = nil

same like me

*laughs a lot

same like me

*very busy in school

same like me

she's practically my twin la

just that she's 5 inches taller...

dun u imagine how short i am!!


*i dun believe in love at first sight either

*maybe past experiences proved my theory.

*you think he's the guy....

but you're wrong ( ALWAYS!) for me...

so i'm thinking God is preparing somebody for me whom i shouldn't see yet


i'll make it a surprise for myself...

if you're wondering

y see man's name is not here,

which she'll practically jump into the topic when we talk about ''D'' topic!

she always says, " hen3 lang4 man4 lo!" = very romantic lo...

she and huey nee make really good desk partners.

well, see man had a photo session.

that's why.


too deep for us/me to comprehend

its strange, like i'm lacking of something

which i really don't mind.

huey nee thinks its super bahagia to be pregnant

cos you're having a being shared between you and your husband.


i just feel bahagia to have a child of my own.

just the motherly love.

that's y they always say i'm motherly.... argh!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

new template!!

sry sher.
u hate this colour i know.><

but i lost my shoutmix and my tags list!!!


i feel so sleepy nowadays.
main reason?
i restrained myself from drinking coffee...
i need coffee.
huey and wching thinks i " xin1 li3 zhuo4 yong4"= having a delusion
i need you but i have to hate you!

reports show that coffee slows down your metabolism rate (burns off your calories slower) and pumps your heart extra harder to transport oxygen to your brain quicker ( makes you heart work harder) trust me, getting a heartache is NO fun.

that led to the the BAN of coffees from my friends for me during recess.

this was supposed to be an emo post!
i just feel so emo-ish!!!

do excuse me.
for my insanity.

p.s i did not stop anybody from going to captain ball
so huey, stop your nonsense.
you would rather stay at home and chat to zw><
p.s 2 expect less to get disappointed less.
"i 'm not hoping to get anything from you guys~ "
self hynopsis.