Thursday, June 18, 2009

i passed!!!!!

like the title.

i passed ppl.

woohoo. watch out for a crv with a chic lady driver ppl!!!!

i'm so going to terrorize the roads ....and my mum.

Monday, June 15, 2009

God has been tremendously good to me for this week.

last sunday, when i dropped sam off at church.

i happened to sms mabel to ask her to help out for deco.

in a rush, carrying stuff off the car and stuff...jasmine thought we should have brought a luggage.

i hopped in the car and my dad drove me off.

then as i reached island hospital to study.

aha! yes. it was super quiet tat day.

i was rummaging thru my bag to see if mabel replied.

to my horror, i couldnt find it anywhere in the car.

you're probably thinking i dropped it in the church carpark.

i thought so too. and i remember hearing a " plak!" when my dad drove me off.

i kept praying and praying.

visions of my half splitted phone and a badly-cracked screen were playing in my head.

my dad drove me back to church right away and i was crooning my head as far as i could.

gulp, no sign of it.

doomed. i have no idea where it is now.

then i saw the guard holding onto something on his left hand.

its black! my handphone pouch!!!

Thank God....

and the guard was saying, " ho chai, wa kua tiok er. abo pit ki wa tok um zai liao lo."

translation: luckily i saw it, or not i really dunno if it cracked.

see? God is so good?

He even takes care of handphones.

The guard could have not seen it...he could have been looking at his eye level and not the floor.

and i'll be handphone-less till SPM.

another thing to praise God is that BK exams are postponed till friday!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

what is my responsibility right now?
being a cell leader?
being a worship leader?
being a "ah long"?
being a deco coordinator?

i thought so too.
but auntie stella said something at BK that just struck me.


that meant it is my resposibility to study well.
and to make sure i have enough time for it.
that meant i have to set my priorities right.
knowing what's important, what's not.

this is really something that i'm going to think about
during my remaining hols.

some things are best left unspoken.
i wish i didnt have to hear them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank God!

i had my 3rd driving lesson today.
this was different car, and the clutch and i seemed to like each other.

you know what guys,
i love you guys to shredds, to bits, to minces, to powder!!
thank you sooo much for your encouragement and your prayers.
and your tips on the clutch.
and scolding dear ah pek.

i think i made progress today.
i dared to change to gear 3 without ah pek saying,
" eh, change d la!"
now, he's greedy.
he wants me to change to gear 4. i am terrified of that!
gah! and my engine really went "plucatizx" at the junction.
twice! thank God i wrote some of my " before i die" letters.

QTI is next thursday.
and the test? next next thursday.
pls continue to pray for me.
i'm forever glad to recieve sms's from you about anything i should take notice.
i need advice! mum and dad forgot everything about their clutches.
i'll pretty much do the same, i guess.

my legs are sore. but i can't wait for the day to terrorize the roads!!
hope no monkey wants me to take them for a ride tml at penang hill.
i really hope i don't get lost.
i haven't finish my letters yet!!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

i sniffled today

actually it was more than just teared

i bawled.

you'll probably laugh at the reason.

i got scolded by the ah pek who taught me driving.

i am seriously scared of that round pole and the left pedal below my left feet

they are so mean...

they just dun want to co-operate with me!!!

i try to change gear, cant slide it in.

press the clutch again then my steering wheel "woosh" to the other lane.


me:" oh...."*timidly

clutch is the most uneffective invention, use auto la! make my life so miserable.

i wanted to change from gear 2 to gear 3. i always forget to let go of the minyak pedal

you know what he said.

ah pek:" never improve wan ar you, haiyo. NAH!!! my 2 ringgit gone d lo. you ask yourself la, how much petrol you waste d?? "

me:"ha..." *more timidly

then as i was going real fast, actually its quite slow la. just 40 km/h...but its still scary k!

a car wanted to come out from a junction.

i didnt dare to press my brakes, cos from experience, i would be too slow to press it together with my clutch, and the car will go "plushcatiz" ---dead.

so, thinking i was smart, i turn to the right A LITTLE, trying to avoid the car.


my tears wanted to drop so badly.

but i wouldnt cry for the ah pek.

he asked me to drive home.

i didnt reply him with the "oh..." " ha...." at all.

got back.phew, my body is still intact.

said thank you uncle. still trying to be polite. even though i wanted to scream at him at the moment.

once i got back home, i cried, " mummy!!!! i dun wan to drive d!!"

i just sat there, and cried and cried and cried.

never in my life has a man talked to me in that whole life. never ever!

my dad just chuckled. said i was too pampered.

my mum laughed when i told her that ah pek complained i was wasting his petrol.

sam, he was grinning from ear to ear when he eavesdropped.

dear ah pek, even though my mummy suggested that i change uncle,

but i still want you. i want to show you that this gal will drive till you have nothing to say.

so please be nice for the moment!!!!!

if you drive and am reading my blog, please be kind not to laugh.