Friday, January 30, 2009

rachel rachel

anybody wanna be my bf for the day?
you'll get free angpaos?

(just look at what RY wrote at my chatbox)
tell me, if you're interested.
blah. don't bother la.
you'll get tortured by me.

just wanna show you guys some photos
of rachel (my niece) from USA.

rachel and ah nee

rachel, wei wei and sze xuan

(rachel , 4 calls sze xuan, 3 auntie)

very complicated.

sze xuan, me, sze yuhn and rachel

the four gals!!
( this shouldn't be here...)

rachel lim, (not RY)

is my cousin's daughter.

she's likes green

she likes cars

she likes ants. she says they are nice.

last night,

she said,

mummy look!

banana moon.


while walking back from the hospital,

she said to my dad,

lao teoh,look! i ate vege just now and my shadow grew taller.

fyi, she despises vege.


to her, time is forever precious.

she cries every night.


i don't wanna sleep!!! i don't want!!!

but yet, when we eat....

her head will be on her mother's lap fast asleep.

haha. children.

especially rachel.

not to mention her big big eyes.

she smiles like RY

but she'll look at you with anger,

if you took her stuff. (dunno that about RY)

she's just loves everybody,

so does everybody in return.

and she just gave me a kiss goodbye.

but at least the house is so much quieter now.

or not it'll be full of taiwanese chinese and american english.

unlike me,

all broken english and chinese.

practically had to speak

proper chinese like the taiwanese.

everybody in the house had to.

even my dad!! amazing.

her fav food.... roti canai!!
(at kayu's)

rachel and her ant catcher= my dad


not to mention my bloating tummy

after bringing them to all the places to eat.

everyday! for one week!

~fatty moo

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i cannot believe i'm typing this.
but yet i am...

its always like that every CNY.
all my cousins have their bf's or gf's back at ah ma's house.
like all of them.
and like every year.

peer pressure.
totally bingo.
makes me feel i need one even when sometimes
i don't even understand the ones in my house.

just a emo rush in my malfunctioning brain.

i'll only, probably, maybe...

bring back one in 12 years time.
the next moo year.
still very long to go.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

happy CNY!

its the chinese new year.
my road is just full of lights.
but its kinda weird to have blue and green lights together.

i think they just reused their christmas lights.
my family did the decorations as well.
usual kiasu attitude.
haha. its always like that at this particular road.

the view from my home:

well, i did the deco for ISCA.
i did the ones i saw and posted on my blog.
just that i used cny colours.

the whole bag of onions!!!
that's what my mum calls them!!
and guess how much did they all cost??

RM 8.00 !

i made 7 big ones, 6 small ones.
including the frills.u'd probably notice the stuff i do
like in art or cooking
are terribly easy and less-talent needed stuff.
that's what i like to do.
not to mention making them cheap.
wakaka. it's a shopaholic instinct.
happy chinese new year everyone!
think about getting slimmer after the new year la.
why torture yourself??
( another excuse for me to eat )
And its my year THIS YEAR!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my mum's sister's best friend recieved a phone call the other day.

" we have your son in hand. pay the ransom or you'll never see him again!!! "

" how much do you want? "

" 100 thousand. "

" i don't have that much....~~~ (tremble) "

" how much can you give? "

" 10 k. the most. can you let me hear my son's voice? "

well, she heard a voice.

" meee (mummy)~ help!! "

"you don't hang up!! i go and check my bank account first!! "

so auntie went to make a phone call.

" hello? "

" ah boy??? is that you??? you're ok? you're not kidnapped? you're at college, is it? "

" er, ma~ are you ok? i'm perfectly well...what's wrong? "

especially with recession going on and
rumours of retrenchment after CNY.
ppl can come up with all sorts of tricks just to get money.
your mums treat you ppl like treasures,
so they might not even think twice before thinking it is a fake.
so please do tell your parents about this,
not to show off, of course.
later get snatched.


Monday, January 19, 2009

i never believed in puppy love.

i supposed that's why its called puppy love.
you only love it when its a puppy.
but when its big, you dump it.
it doesn't last long.

i never understood what liking was.

i felt that...
liking is just another door to hurt and jealousy.
well, unless the opposite guy/gal likes you just as well.
if not, i have no idea how much emotional stress
one needs to go through.
just to wake up everyday...
hoping that that special someone will somehow turn and look at you.
at least just once...

i never liked the idea of lovers to friends.

or even more than friends to friends.
awkwardness can just fill the whole air.
when the both meet in a very unexpected place.
with very unexpected company.

i never thought crushing on someone was enjoyable.

its sweet...
but torturing...
haha... not wanting to show that likeness
but yet, wanting to get to know him/her better.

i never got to feel or even, go through crushing/ liking/ loving a GUY.

but i do know,

how it feels when you are with that special someone.
when you hold his hand,
and walk at the mall.
clutching those fingers tight
and feel that you're on the top of the world.

you really think you really WANT to spend the rest of your life with him
you really believe that he can take care of you for the rest of your life.

well, with God-given wisdom and sharp eyes.... of course.

strange isn't it?
a gal who has never experience crushing/liking or loving a GUY
actually says she understands how it feels to like someone.

that gal
understood those feelings...
in a dream...
(i shall assume you're fainting..)
but its the truth k!

thinks she knows love but maybe not

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i really wanna do everything WELL this year!
i want to make this another good year.

i want ISCA to work out well.
i want our mission trip to Batu 23
to impact our lives and their lives.
i want my cell group to grow, not in size,
but in maturity.
i want my school results to be good.
i want our school grad. magazine to turn out good,
being able to hold my head,
not letting the graduates down.
i want my friendship this year to last forver,
even as we leave to our own ways
next year...

i want to accomplish all my I WANTS.


i know,
thru my pride and self-reliance.
i shall never succeed in any of them.

i know,

all my I WANTS should become...

With GOD, i will....

i pray,
i shall not let my self pride get over me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

starting anew!

me likie my new blogskin.
its colourful.
i sound like a 6 year old kid.

oh ya,
an announcement to all ISCAlites.
the PNB'S are having a garage sale this week.
and a food sale too.
so if you wanna buy revision books, ( new )
for half the price.
Bring CASH!!!

thanks for your support!
its for the orang aslis


Saturday, January 10, 2009


somebody's leaving again.
yep. thern is.
but, i don't think the fact that he's leaving
has sunk in yet.
i feel so bad la.
i cried when leslie left.
jeremiah cried till he could
flood the whole church just now.
(he does everytime when somebody leaves)
and i got a feeling i wont cry
even if i see him off tommorow.

ben thinks its because of his personality
so not my problem.
he's the cool guy, ya know.
he gives you the feeling that you
cant be close friends with him.
yep, that's thern.

and soon it'll be my turn.
to say my goodbyes....

another AGAIN thingy is...
i'm a mentor again.
guess who....

choo xher rael.


let's hope i succeed.
do applaude if you see changes in that mentee of mine.

~ moo~