Friday, October 24, 2008


i do not like exams.
let me repeat,


it makes my face go pimply,
eyebags, (even obvious cos i'm fair)
not to mention that i get rotund too!
and it's has been SOOO hard for the past decades for me to even lose 2 kg.
2 kg = 4 bottles of mineral water.
and i find myself talking to myself
:"what's so hard to lose 2 kg!!!"

i've tried green tea and coffee
but it makes me burp.
[if u know how bad i burp last time]
reports say that crunches don't work
so i shan't bother.
some even say milk helps
only if you replace your diet with it but not adding to it.
[but my mum has not restocked any dairy supplies since June]
you might say i should starve myself,
problem is i run to school here and there everyday.
i dun feel like fainting in school.
[MAIN REASON why i can't slim down,
i have reasons for everything^^]

never mind...
i'll just exercise while i study.
i dunno how, but i'll try and figure it out.

just do a thing for me, guys.
tell me i'm fat when u see me.
it'll make me control my binge so much easier.

but wait, i dun think i can take it,
that will make me so depressed,
till i can't study
so maybe you guys will just keep quiet
and act as if i didn't grow fat for the time being.

but then, i'll eat and eat and eat.
till there's no turning back...
oh well,
i'll tell u what i want till i myself know what i want.

in distress

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

some people are just "unbelievable".
they change their once a week?
makes me wonder...
how many husbands/wives are they going to have?

sometimes, i doubt they even like that person.
it's most probably that he/she has a personality or a talent that catches your eye.
so when they see something IMPERFECT about that person....
whoosh, of they go. crushing on another person.

the flow now is like:

1. u notice him/her
2. u see something nice about him/her. (u start to crush on him/her)
3. u start to know more about him/her.
4. u so call really 'crush' on him/her
4. u see something bad about him/her
5. u 'dump' him/her a.k.a. u 'crush' on somebody else.

hey...nobody's perfect.
so you're going to crush for your whole life?
i'm not saying i'm against crushes.
i just don't encourage it.

especially those when crushes are exposed
and awkwardness just fills the air.
especially those when you like/ just have to
express your feelings.
especially those when you accidentally
tell your fren and they blab it out.
especially those when your crush tells everyone
you like him/her. [if they know]
especially those when your crush likes someone else
and you spend the whole day having a heart break.
especially those when your crush manipulates you and
makes you think that you're the only living thing on earth.
especially when parents get involved.

crushes are not meant to be like that.
they are meant to be kept in secret... deep in the heart.
crushes are meant to be unnoticed...
as u silently notice him/her.

crushes are meant to be like wine, the longer u keep in the cellar, the nicer it taste.
when the wine's ready to be drunk, only then this crush of yours turns to LIKE....turns to LOVE.

too much is said.
that will be all i'll say...
crushes are too tedious to handle at this age.
the best solution, is to crush on JESUS.

without worrying about parents objecting it...
without worrying that it gets exposed.
without worrying of getting a heart break.
without worrying that you'll get manipulated.

your parents would love for this to happen.
Jesus would love to see you show your love for HIM to others.
Jesus would never let your heart break....he broke his first for you.
Jesus will never ever manipulate you in any other way...he's just there to guide you and to love you. Still placing the choices of your life in your hands.

you know what, i think....


Thursday, October 16, 2008

1. mac [ wilz' dog] came home!!!!

2. We won the YE CHALLENGE TROPHY!!!!
3. I 'm real glad we won.
4. I found out we had to do a presentation.
5. Now, i'm not so glad we won.
6. After realising the need to practise A LOT...., I'M NOT HAPPY we won.
7. but then, i would be strangled if we didnt win.
8. And if we didn't win, we wouldn't get RM 600.
9. That would mean less dividend.
10. All my hard work would be for nothing.
11. I'll be soooo upset then....
12. More upset than not winning.
13. But i'm not happy now!!!!!!


not to mention
exams clashes with the prize giving ceremony.

and not to mention i start kepo-ing AGAIN!!!

1. Going to help design a poster for children's drama.
( will post it up ^^)
2. Going to help wilz make a elephant mask.
( don't ask me why he was the elephant...he still thinks he's too skinny to be one..*winks*)
3. Involved in the children's drama ...
( i'm acting, ppl.....!! weird rite... even though i do a good imitation of the old lady in the scene where she woke her 2nd son up in the middle of the night [you know for what] in money not enough 2, i still don't see any acting talent in me)

non kepo-ing stuff
stuff i have to do during the hols....
and its super packed
1. Start my bible knowledge studies
2. Start undang classes [ i'm going to drive....wakakaka!!]
3. Start looking for universities [tons of brochures at home]
4. Before doing no.3 , decide what course do i wanna take!!!!
5. Go for drama practises.
6. Practise my piano... [grade 8...*faint*]
7. Most importantly---- SHOPPING!!!!!

That only happens every year end when i can shop for the whole day/ 3 whole days and literally shop till i drop. Probably why all my dreams happen in shopping malls. and i have to shop!!!!! i must i must i must!!!!


conscience to connie: " stop being such a grumpy old lady! you wanted it! you were the kepo gal!"

connie to conscience: " it makes things worse just to know you're right.... just go on studying, will ya?"

don't bother me... just needed to let go some of my steam...
i'm totally affected by the poisoned milk issue....
and cows get grumpy when they're sleep deprived.

[ * shan't `moo today* ]

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i came across this in xuehai...and it was just so tempting to post this!!!okay...for your sake...

here's the DIRECT translation:

"cows are the most unselfish creatures. they say, cows eat grass but SQUEEZE out milk! But this pure milk has been 'polluted'! So who touched my milk? It certainly ain't the cows themselves!"

it just sounds PLAIN unpoetic....

MY version:

ah....unselfish mooing creatures....
you eat grass...
but amazingly produce white fluid.
without saying any word of complaint.
yet,it breaks my heart to say
this white fluid of yours
has poisoned tons of people.
Who has framed you??!!
Who has poisoned your pure milky liquid?
It ain't the moo's fault! you say......


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i am soooooo happy!!!!!

the annual report finally got printed today!
and my, it looks super professional....
don't bother about me
i'm floating on cloud nine now....
i'm extra proud of the cover actually.
my eyes almost bulged out editing this....

nice rite???
okay, i'm still a newbie in editting la...
so pardon me...

but it wouldn't be long
till i start to bite my nails this wed afternoon....
results are going to be announced...
best annual report and best product report....
the prize>> RM600!!!
i'll just hide myself in some place in the school
to avoid being strangled if we didnt even get a place at all....
so ppl, pls pray hard...

oh ya, btw...
if you guys just like to roam about...
pls look out for a dog....
preeettty puhlease with icing on top??? @_@
it's Mac, Wilson korkor's dear dog.
He's been missing for a week.
and he's a really special dog to be taken care of...
so pls do a favour?

Friday, October 3, 2008

greedy ME !!

so, you like another gal now.
it was extra obvious today.
and it kinda confirmed what i suspected.
you, giving her extra attention,
yet still hoping nobody would notice.
well.....i did.
I'm not a sour puss,
and i'm still smiling when i'm typing this.
cause its sweet to see you this way.
your gentle side! wakakaka!

i heard that xher rael's gave away Capri and got another Shi-tzu
that somehow hit me...
relationships nowadays are kinda like tat, aren't they?
First, they say they like you at first sight,
next thing you know, they say they are bored with you.
they just treat relationships like pets,
giving them away when they bored
or when commitment is needed to maintain that relationship.
Gals and guys alike.

there are still other positive examples around me.
they are still happy together. for now.

if you were to ask me,
" why wouldn't you be involved in a relationship? "
( fyi, my parents have no big objection to this, be envious ppl ^^)
i would say...
a) I would certainly get so heartbroken and be
afraid to be involved in anymore relationships
if i get dumped by a guy who thinks girlfriends are pets.
provided i'm tat dumb to fall for such a guy!

That's bad cos' i so wanna look for my future husband-to-be.

b) Well, i'm just not ready to commit.
being involved in someone,
meant taking care of his feelings
while being with friends of the opposite sex.
( I don't flirt for goodness sake!! what i meant was being extra careful
and restricting my freedom and friendship)
guys are just as envious as gals....
and i can't stand the pressure.
ha! i've got too much examples around me!

In other words, I'm just plain GREEDY!!
being able to be free among friends of the opposite sex...
without any restrictions.
makes me able to see a guy's world more clearly.
Well, at least it kinda helps me to realize what i would want in a life partner^^

to all guys: MOST girls like the attention you're giving her even if she doesn't like you . so don't waste your time and energy. Keep that attention of yours for your future wife. By that time, you'll be nagged for not giving enough of that when she's old and fat.

to MOST girls: c'mon, you can live without his attention!! i know it's hard, we're plainly wired that way. But it's still worth a try!!

*single but unavailable*