Sunday, February 7, 2010

during my bus ride back from kuala gula,
(i went to plant mangrove trees)
with a tan and a scarred foot,
i've come to a conclusion that gals aint the only complicated spesies.
sometimes u guys are equally unreadable.
you dont want a gal too dumb
nor a gal too smart
you dont want a gal too ugly
nor a gal too pretty
you would love guys who can have the same interests u have
but would want a ladylike gal
u dont want a gal who nags
nor do u want a gal who doesnt care....
see how complicated u guys are now?

but well,
before i arouse any heated arguements,
lets just say that humans are plain complicated. :)
gals arent easy to understand, i dun understand my own kind sometimes either.