Saturday, January 30, 2010


just to clarify a little stuff.
davids, THANK YOU!
is that enough to cool you down already? :)
and andrew aint a monster.
in case u guys have that impression.
he was just pek chek with me.

i so do not need another compliant regarding my posts again. haha.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i've ben making that face all thru that class.
just that class.
only that class.
yea, its economics.
it is so so so hard!
i'd rather do 100 do-able add maths questions then
analyse graphs, curves and names that just boggle my mind.
what indifference?
normal and inferior goods?
never have i felt so helpless before.
even bio wasnt that freaky in form 5.
and especially when u have davids, as ur classmate.
he knows this sub a lot.
(if u're reading this, dun be too flattered and show it off in college.)
i just have to ask him to explain A LOT.
and he's like, " cam d you, liddat have difficulty d, how to take exam."
and economics is not the only subject.
i make Andrew growl in fury even after he tried numerous times to help me understand those further maths theories.
i make Pang realise that he did most of his homework wrong.
so that kinda makes me the annoying gal who just cant seem to understand the simplest things.

well, till then.
i have pure maths, thinking skills and economics tests to worry about.
back to exams and fattening sessions.
imagine that before CNY.


sometimes two rainbows can just make your day.
it did today.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

life goes on?

that was certainly a wake up call for me.
who knew?
they/ we arent even adults yet.
they still had a bright future ahead of them.
that's what i assume.
its always the case
we plan plan plan for the next 10,15 years
when you dont even know when your time is up.
funny huh?

really makes me ponder.
am i focusing too much of the worldly things that arent eternal,
till i forget to focus on fulfilling my purpose in life as His follower,
before i reach my expiry date?
am i treating it as a norm to assume i'd live up to 80 and
have dozens of grandchildren,
till i think its unimportant to act now?

its time to get things straight.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

its only january
and i hear news of who's leaving and who's leaving.
and it doesnt feel nice.
especially those friends who can make you feel that you can spend eternity together with them.
rational people would say its life.
i'm rational.
but i still dont like it.

i always thought how would it have been,
if i was the one leaving.
would I be missed?
i dunno.
my mum would. that's for sure.
or maybe they'd think its life too.
and time just washes away the memories,
little by little.
i just hope i made a mark in their lives.
a good one.

haven't got anybody dear leaving too far away yet.
Thank God and it wont be hard for them to come back and visit.
but if you know u're dear to me,
and you're leaving soon.
i don't mind an early notification if you don't like a wet shirt and floor.