Tuesday, July 20, 2010


im gonna promise myself that i aint gonna do anything about it.
its perfect as it is.
so pls, connie, save urself the trouble
and leave it alone. (:
i'm okay.
and i will be.
-change of mood-
*looking forward for the end of the year HK trip.*
totally means another shopping spree. ^^

Thursday, July 1, 2010

30 June 2010

Anya's case somehow gave me a call...
how fragile life can be...
how much we would try to live a life when we ourselves have no idea
how long more can we number our days...
i did wonder today...
what if i died?
would i have something to leave behind for my loved ones and for the people who love me?
would i have no regrets and leave this place with a smile
and be ready to stand before my Heavenly Papa and tell Him
"i ran a good race, Pa!"
Am i ready?
i need to ask myself more often.
How many times have i slacked from doing what i should?
just to fulfill my personal desires?
or just to bury myself in those endless pile of work
just to satisfy my desire of being much of a workaholic.
or how many times have i hesitated to tell somebody,
"you did great!"
"Good Job!"
or to even tell that somebody that
"i do care"
but instead act as if i dont
or to even tell somebody that
he or she is really missing out on something in life
the one thing that's most important of all
that is the love of Jesus Christ.
i'm amazed how many times i thought more than twice
to go forward and to share
when i can spend by impulse when i SHOP.
irony much.
when i die,
i hope to have left something behind for everybody
it may be a dream
or a little piece of some memory
or even the tears shared
or maybe the achievements we achieved together.
i hope that when you attend my wake service,
you would see my pretty picture,
(it better be the prettiest picture...)
and smile and say,
"i'm glad i had Connie in my life."
that would be great and that's going to be my goal.
and yes people, sing songs during my funeral.
praise songs...like Go tell it on the mountains...
i would love hearing that from heaven...
and don't worry people,
im not having any depression or any suicidal thoughts.
just writing something that just gave me a blow in the head. (:
so yesh,
number your days.
make people say,
im glad i had you in my life.
and make God proud by running the race faithfully.
r.i.p. anya