Thursday, September 24, 2009

lemme tell u a secret.
when i was in kindy,
i adored babies.
i loved holding them, feeding them, playing with them.
if u ask me...
i think i was trying to play adult.
my mum wouldnt wanna have another baby.
sam was already born, we're just 20 months apart.
so i told myself,
since mummy wouldnt wanna give birth to one.
i'll have 12 kids when i grow up.
(okay, gawk all u want. i probably thought having children/ giving birth to children was as easy as doing your business, well thru the anus.)
there was once, mummy went for a checkup.
and dad announced at the dinner table
" we're having another baby!!!"
guess what i said.
i cried.
cos' i was scared the new baby would get all my mummy's attention.
haha. selfish me.
as i got older,
like in primary school.
i thought maybe 2 is just enough.
twins would be great.
that was before i knew that you had to sew the baby's entrance to the world after delivery.
after yesterday,
i'm not sure if i want kids anymore.
cheryl, my cousin's daughter, 3 years old, 15 kg.
insisted that i piggyback her.
that would not be an issue since i'm like 3.5 times her weight.
the problem is, she wanted me to exercise so badly.
" piggyback wo3 shang4 qu4 la."
" piggyback me upstairs la." (translation)
i did.
and as i was wiping the puddle of water she spilled in my room.
she just sprawled over my back and said," piggyback me downstairs."
i wanted to faint i tell you.
i carried a 15 kg heavy girl up and down and up and down.
i was wobbling, the mum didnt realise i think.
and she was having the fun of her life.
laughing her head off.
p.s. so if any of you,
wants me to babysit your child,
please make sure he/she knows that babysitters arent meant for piggybacking.

Monday, September 14, 2009

If looks can kill a guy,
fantasy does the same for a girl.
michael buble has the
most AMAZING voice!!!!
rach... he's mine.
don't you even think of it.
you can have edward.
i dun mind. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

exam stats

bm: so so. at least i know mencolek.

history: horrible. really horrible. i got mixed up with all the inti pati perjanjian.
**********my form 4 is officially a goner.

have faith?
i shall praise God in anything, even in my failures. amen!
well to which i think i'm to be blamed for not studying enuf.

have faith. have faith.
moral tml.
i have faith that i will not get an egg for both moral essays!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!bash! boom! pliang! crash! prak!!!
i am screaming my lungs out.
throwing my stuff on the floor.
just smashed a mug.
i think i destroyed my wooden ornament.
and tore a piece of rag apart.
moo has mad cow disease now.
though u guys might be dying to see me in that mode.
im like quiet.
not smiling.
not laughing.
didnt even talk to my mum for more than 50 sentences. = very rare.
hmmm. something wrong here.
i didnt even have appetite. =super duper rare.
not emo, ppl.
not emo.
not stressed. - later ben is going to go hysterical again.
just not my usual self. :)


u evil black box. me no likey u. roar.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

love bug

i really think the love bug bit me.
i'm like smiling to myself for no absolute reason.
i dun need ice cream to make me happy.
nor do i have to shop to de-stress.
is this love?
its amazing.
i've never felt that way.
i dun have to tell you how i feel
and i believe you feel the same way too. :)
i kinda regret not being able to sense it a little earlier
or i was selfish not wanting to accept it with other choices in mind.
yet, you didnt care, at all, not one bit.
you were there always... huey nee says, its like you have glucose in your heart.
oh gosh...
i can't describe this feeling to the exact details.
i'm trying so hard.
i was searching for love...
yet all i had to do was to sit down and
see who was beside me.
you made the rain go away whenever i wanted, you made it shine for me.
well, not too hot either. i melt.
u made me know that i was loved. truly loved.
despite my looks, my temper and my disloyalty.
i'm trying hard to make a commitment
but i know you know me too well to have patience with me.
you know what? i love you too.
its been really long since i smiled from my heart.
and you made it happened.
if you're kinda wondering who it is,
the label would be a very good hint. :D