Monday, December 14, 2009

ignore me.
i am so neutral after chinese man.
BUT i am so going to spend for the whole week.
my mum even brought an extra LARGE bag just to fill it with my spoils.
and i shall make it my goal to fill it FULL!
wait, i cant exceed the 15 kg per person limit...
never mind...
a shopaholic has her ways...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

i must be dreaming about college too much.
i dreamt that it was the first day of college.
there was a LONG LONG line of new students waiting to get their student ID.
funny thing is,
mine showed,
Lee Connie

that kinda puzzled me.
everybody else had arts.
but why did i have choir??
and the college was more like a amusement park than a college.
they had a water park.
a theater. a big big one with red heavy curtains and rows of comfy chairs.
it was a maze.
i had to walk around to look for my choir partners.
oh yea, my mum was in the dream too.
and i remembered having to climb up a helix shaped stairs with just railings.
and they just wouldnt end.
i think i woke up when i was about to fall,
and guess what.
it was 530 AM.
my usual wake up time during school days.
my biological clock didnt wear off yet.

i told my mum.
and she told me,
"maybe u should consider taking up singing as your career."
*rolls eyes.*
*shakes head*

Sunday, December 6, 2009


its been ages since i've online.

not that i've been studying REALLY hard.
its just that it was contaminated with cosackie bacteria.
you know, the type which only kindy kids get infected with?
yep, my bro's the kindy kid here.
my mum was totally terrorized.
well, cos' she has a daughter who still has half her spm exam to go.
so poor sammie was in quarrentine for a whole week in his room.
i hardly got to see him.
just would peep in my head in his room from time to time.
with gloves on to turn the door knob and
slippers on to prevent my feet from getting the bacteria.
the whole house had a strong dettol smell
which just gave me headaches.
did i mention i have a very careful dad?
sam's out from "jail" today.
and he's been talking non-stop.
haha. i would.
he had been in his room playing DOFUS online for day and night.
my mum couldnt have a say since he's too bored.
and he still isnt sick of it.

tuesday is going to be such a happifying* day
shopping day!!!!!!
mum reluctantly agreed to take me shopping
since i grumbled that by the time we come back from our trip,
its either the sales are over
or there are no sizes for me.
so yipee!!!!
my wardrobe needs cleaning and replenishing.
toodles now.
i really need to add more pics next time.
RY, CY and QI's blogs look so vibrant and colourful!
that is if i take enuf pictures.
maybe the trip might help.

*i hereby declare that I, Connie did not invent the word "happifying".
(just in case you complained that i stole your vocab)

p.s. yeh, what if i told you i regretted making that promise :P.
haha. u're gonna whack me huh?