Thursday, July 23, 2009

i need...

i think i need a man.
but i don't have time for a man.
and there are not enuf men for options.
oh man...
pressure and late nights just shot my hormones to the max.
this will be fun to see you guys response to this.
btw, i'm still single and will be till...HE comes along.
i read an article.
" I once had an auntie who was single even though she was in her 30's. Chinese New Year was really a hassle to her, because the relatives would pester her every year to get married. My auntie who was a christian just told them, my Adam is still in deep sleep and hasn't woken up yet. I'll wait till he wakes up and come my way." -unknown author

that were really words of wisdom.
in case, you didn't know about how Eve came about...
God put Adam into deep sleep and he took one of his ribs and formed a woman, Eve!
so, to my Adam,
sleep all you want...just appear when God tells you to!
p.s. chaw yeh, i just found out that
your lumps in your head= swollen lymph nodes.
pls eat less maggi mee la!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

diving STICK

this is something i really have to share.
so yeah, went out for lunch yesterday and my parents insisted that i drive.
we went to dong nan and went for chendol at sushine farlim.
went to the bank....
i am boring you right... :)
ok. i drove home and as i opened the electric gate.
!!!behold a 60 cm long ( 2 long rulers )
lizard/mini komodo dragon!!!!/reptile la!
was SUNBATHING on my porch!
aiyeee! amphibians are the grossiest things on earth!
so i was squealing, mighty loud too,
and i was at the driver's seat, which is dangerous for the whole family.
so the two male Lee's decided to catch it with their bare hands!!! * drum rolls....*
so not!!
they played tag!
you're it! nO! YOU'RE IT!
dad was at the gate. sam was at the garden.
this thing can run, i tell you.
just imagine it, a very flat long scaly thing, running across the tiles with its 4 puny legs.
it was smart too.
running about and hid in my metal box which covered the engine to the gate.
my dad had to get ready at the box.
my eyes were glued and up the box went.
that thing ( i'm going to call it Stick ) just ran for its life
Stick ran out then it ran near the edge of my neighbour's gate.
but i suppose the past experience shattered its nerve and it hesitated.
so it continued running, ( sam was chasing it )
and i guess it was looking back till........
or should i say glide.
i hope it swims.
but sam was grinning up to his ear when he saw it.
so that's a bad sign.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

acturial science?

i heard its very hard.




maybe. but maybe something more challenging?


mum doesn't really agree.


i like it. but will i survive in M'sia.


oooooh, mah favourite!!! = impractical


i'm practically sick of it rite now....

mass communications?

do i make a good reporter? yet, quite hard to survive here.


hobby don't think so.


my dad wants me to consider. he studied as one actually.

but i don't even know what an engineer does??

well, my dad certainly didnt end up as one.

what if i don't either?

and yes...i know.

you guys are dying for me to mention this.


its a natural. no certs required. you just need lots of love and patience.

+ a few kids + a husband + a house to wear you down.

you know what?

final conclusion.

pray. since HE's the only one who knows what i'll be in the future.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

birthday frenzy

i am so weird.

i get nervous surprising ppl.
the other time, when we had to surprise huey nee.
it was agonizing.
i was literally shaking cos' i was waiting for her to use the loo to slip her present in her desk.
and when she came back...
she was soooooo sooooooo sooooo blur that she didnt realise it for 15 minutes.
that meant another 15 minutes of shaking.
with me at the back wanting to hit her on the head so hard to make her see it!
that was case #1.

case #2 had to happen yesterday. :)
see man's birthday.
this girl is like the princessiest gal i've ever met
her self made crown
so wanting to surprise her... we decided to get her a custom-made puzzle.
go to this web to check it out.
caution: be aware of the dying of tons of body cells
it was so hard to ask the person to deliver it to my house.
cause apparently, he said i didnt put my full address.
well, hello? sir? you could have called before you balik rumah?!
not till 5 something then you called, then tell me you couldn't contact me.
and worse still, asking me to go all the way from air itam to sg. nibong to pick up the present.
wa??? i paid RM 6 for your service sir!
finally, he said he would send it to my school.
funny thing is,
when i told him, " encik, saya ada sekolah tau?"
" oh, kamu cikgu ya? saya hantar ke sekolah cikgu..."
well, at least my form teacher is a very kind lady.
so he sent it to my teacher's desk.
i only saw the parcel at 1.00 p.m.
and i had to run a marathon from the teacher's office to the chemistry lab!
mind you! we end school at 1.15 and i had to dissect the puzzle.
thank God huey nee helped me.
well, that makes a happy birthday gal after all.
so happy birthday, woman!!