Monday, November 24, 2008

saya tak tau

i feel like banging my head onto my keypad...
i dunno...
something's wrong with me.
like i'm emo...

is it because i have too much stuff?
or i'm just not sleeping enuf?
or i just feel hols are ending too fast...?

i just feel like a rag doll.
not wanting to move.
limbs hanging beside me lifeless...

maybe i just like to have something in my hands.
to keep me busy....

i dunno...

i really don't know......


Thursday, November 20, 2008


it's only the 4th week of my hols
and i feel like my hols are ending so so so soon.
but i'll look at the bright side.
at least i did some shopping.

huey nee said it's scary to shop with me.
cos i always notice the nice stuff
and SHE ALWAYS buys them, without thinking twice.
so beware ppl if u wanna hangout with me.

Can you believe that i even shopped at pangkor??
i'm not talking about food products,
i'm talking about clothes.
i bought a hat... RM 5
it's so flexible that be a

peter pan cape
japanese gal hat
cowboy hat
dutchlady hat

cy and my bro did all the experimenting.
so it looks like a good deal.

and i bought a t-shirt!!! RM 10
i made all my buddies buy them^^
i got green, huey got purple, tzin nie got orange and w.ching got brown.
it really 3-D cos it actually has three slippers on it.
very interesting...with the words "tri-single" on top.
even tho they say we're four, instead of three.

t.nie, huey, me and w ching

and then, back in penang, i bought a pair of earrings on tuesday.
at new world park.
RM 8... its a felty-green rose.
i look like a gypsy wearing those...

5 days= and i bought 3 items

the hols = 6 weeks x 7 days

= 42 days divide 5 mutiply 3...

=25.2 items....

that's is very bad....
my dad's sooo going to go bankrupt...haha


i'm moo-ing again!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

cheese week

finally updating my blog after centuries...
i think i like browsing thru blogs than updating them.
its just so interesting to see how different things can be from what i see on the outside.
and they can be just sooo amusing.
btw, this should actually be posted waay back before the exams.
it was cheese week at daryl's place.
there's this thing in CG that everybody has to bring some food
according to the theme.
that was cheese week so we had to bring something cheesy. (*pretty obvious)
so, i was in charge of welcome.
i was totally out of ideas...seriously.
so i had to use an old game.
which was the maths game.
i was the game master.
so i had to give math problems.
goodness. u think it was easy??

i had to remember every figure i was saying.
i tried with a calculator but i gave up...
used the old-fashioned way instead
paper and pen!!!

let the games begin.....

the penalty?
one wrong answer u cross out on the paper
which has numbers all jumbled up...
one step nearer you are to becoming a mouse.
wakaka...cheese ~ mouse
BRILLIANT me came up with an idea to spice things up
you thought it was just some brainy game?
i wouldn't do that.
to be a mouse, you need eyeliners...

for the guys sake,
eyeliner= colour pencils either brown or black which is drawn on the eyelids near the eye

make-up artists unleashed
boy, did they have fun...especially the GUYS!!!

i drew that on daryl

and i drew a mole on jamie's flawless skin....wakaka

daniel's squirming even though he deserves it.

as the excitement died down,
pirate-thern had this VERY AMUSING idea...
i was shaking my head so hard
that my head would topple off.
i kept saying,


now u know why daniel deserves his punishment?
he was like, come! come!

i was pushed to the chair...
and i was their CANVAS!!!!

somebody ( i think it was bug, attempted to use

ARTLINER!!!!!) goodness!!!

i was laughing and crying

and laughing

and screaming

and wacking off hands

and turning my head

and wiping off my tears

and squirming

and laughing.

the end product...teehee

the wacky pose....

btw, about wall-up...
we had 7 packets of cheezels
a tub of bread clamped with lots of cheese
yvonne's delicious dish> shepard's pie
ben's creative dish> sandwich with egg wrapped cheese.

not to mention, my dad got a shock when he came in the house to get me

woow.... what happened to you?

i simply replied, ask them.

but it was fun
even though i did not have a fun time

removing their masterpieces...